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The Jonah Medal – Septembering

I’ve got a peaceful easy feeling.

The Jonah Medal is the new project by former La Rocca singer Bjorn Baillie (top).

The Wicklow-born musician recorded it in the legendary Laurel Canyon in the Hollywood hills in LA as well Nick Cave‘s studio in Brighton, UK.

And it has that free-wheeling Crosby, Stills & Nash vibe.

Bjorn writes:

“The song is about being in the middle of the mid-life storm. You’re pulled every which way by the younger who need and rely on you, and the older who need you for a whole other set of reasons.

“I like the word September as a metaphor for middle-age. You’re no longer in your Spring-youth. So being in your 40s is Septembering. The things that have come along in your life, the people who have become part of your family, and define who you are now. The responsibility and weight of those relationships is reflected in this song.”

Nick says: A star is Bjorn again.

The Jonah Medal

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