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  1. GiggidyGoo

    The Pantomime continues.
    Michilín Luch trying to create a gung-ho image for himself. He ‘seeks meeting’ with AZ boss when in fact he should be insisting on meeting his EU buddies and telling them to increase supply. They have stocks.
    AZ is one of a number of vaccines.
    Currently it’s use has been paused in some EU countries due to worries about it possibly causing clots in some recipients. If more countries do likewise and pause its use, that’ll make more available for Ireland. Is that what we want? To take a vaccine that there are real doubts and worries over?

    The handling of the vaccine ‘rollout’ has been a disgrace here, to put it mildly. That word ‘rollout’ was the buzzword the past 5-6 weeks. It’s supposed to conjure up greatness and trust in the HSE and Government. Massive fail. New buzzword required. At nearly half a million euro per annum, Mr. ‘I don’t have clarity’ Reid is having a laugh.
    Donnelly, Varadkar, Harris, Martin should be ashamed of themselves. Won’t happen though, as they don’t do shame.

    1. Charger Salmons

      Charger’s Jab Jibber-Jabber™

      Any lingering doubts that the UK’s ground-breaking decision to delay the less-important second dose can now be dispelled.
      The seven day average of coronavirus deaths in the UK.
      February 11: 754
      March 11: 163
      A drop of 78.3% in a month.
      If this rate continues deaths by April 11th will be down to 35.
      And only last week some buffoon on here was praising Ireland for having a higher percentage of double-dosed vaccinations than the UK.
      At least ReproBertie who used to promote that nonsense had the good grace to slink off in ignominy.
      Meanwhile, clinical trials of the new Novovax jab has shown a 90% success rate against all variants of Covid and the UK is expected to give regulatory approval for its use next month.
      The UK has already ordered 60 million doses of the vaccine.
      The EU is still in ” exploratory ” talks.

    2. Charger Salmons

      Prof Anthony Harden of the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisation – the official jab watchdog – reports ” There have been more than 11 million doses of the Ox/AZ vaccine administered in the UK and no excess reports of blood clots amongst those receiving the vaccine, compared with the expected rate in the population. ”
      Who to believe – the world beater on vaccines or countries with a record of abject failure over the use of the AZ jab ?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        “….no excess reports of blood clots amongst those receiving the vaccine, compared with the expected rate in the population. ”
        He learned waffle well. Sure why wouldn’t he? The Oxford/AZ vaccine is under the spotlight, and he has to try defend it. Stiff upper lip.

          1. bisted

            …10 people died of covid in Ireland yesterday…I’m guessing that vaccinations being delayed in several countries because one person has died due to blood clots that may or may not be as a result of being vaccinated will not be much of a consolation to their relations…

    3. Bitnboxy

      GiggidyPox is beyond wired this morning! A serious of rants but obviously SFA in terms of analysis, nuance or other solutions. Even the Shinners try and ventilate what they would do differently but our erstwhile keyboard warrior GiggidyPox can’t even do this – just rant and rave while sticking pins in their homemade government vodoo dolls, who the GiggidyPox obviously blames for all their ills.

      Tell us GiggidyPox: what European government has handled the pandemic response and the vaccine rollout to your satisfaction?

      Between narcissistic nincompoops like Ivor Cummins and his “I have all the real answers” and GiggidyPox’s “the current Irish government caused Covid” shtick, one can certainly say that the pandemic really has brought out the worst and crazy in some folks.


    1. Micko

      Ah sure, that particular ethnic minority are not as easy to control as the “gen pop.” ;)

      Too hard to police.

      I remember seeing a program a while back that held the idea that UK police and social services were more interested in going after middle class families and minor perpetrators, because the real hardcore difficult elements were just that – too difficult.

      Nice people are also too nice and compliant.

  2. Andrew

    U Turn now on Astra Zeneca. Delay in its use has cost lives, simple as that. I am struck by the continued excuses made by people in this country for expensive incompetence.
    Ditherers. and PR obsessed, arse coverers like Paul Reid, Stephen Donnelly and Micheál Martin in particular

    1. Micko

      What’s the story with that whole thing Peter?

      Very hard to piece together after the fact on Twitter ;) Who was in the wrong and what happened yesterday?


      1. Micko

        Think we’re talking about different things Bertie.

        I was talking about the Ciara Kelly thing on Twitter?

        Are you talking about something else?

    2. goldenbrown

      really disappointing to hear about this Peter


      imo her position is untenable

      an object lesson for my own kids gorging social media anyway (the “ah daa you worry too much, de apps grand shure u just delete it and move on no way will it fupp up my job prospects….” etc style convo would be a regular enough in my house , lol)

  3. Charlie

    No amount of vaccine is going to bring back the UKs European record of 125,181 lives lost thus far. No amount of “deepest condolences” or “we did everything we could” will excuse Boris the blades fkup up from the start. It’s a staggering figure that will go down in history as an embarrassment to all involved. Vaccine will be long forgotten when the history books are written.

    1. Charger Salmons

      Boris’s current 13 point lead over Labour in the opinion polls suggests it’s already been forgotten about even before historians have negotiated a deal to write their books.
      You’ll just have to carry on crayoning in yours.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Previous polls have shown the UK public blame the public rather than politicians for the high fatality rate.
        But then they’re smarter than some of the knuckle-draggers on here like you.

        1. Charlie

          Tell me lil Tommy. How does it feel to be loyal to a failing nation where you’re surplus to requirements and no longer rule the waves? History never forgets x

          We are Millwall,
          We are Millwall,
          We are Millwall, from the Den,
          We are Millwall, super Millwall,
          We are Millwall, from the Den

      2. ce

        “Boris’s current 13 point lead over Labour in the opinion polls suggests it’s already been forgotten” – definitely, people are that fuppin’ stupid….

        1. Charger Salmons

          So who do you blame for Ireland’s continuing death toll even though the country has been in total lockdown for weeks ?
          Bearing in mind Ireland had the worst death rate in the world per population at the beginning of the year.
          Who is your finger of blame pointing at ?

          1. goldenbrown


            are you seriously attempting to draw some sort of tenuous equivalence to the amount of death caused by C19 in Ireland vs the UK??

            are you fishing for a job in the FFG spin dept. or something?

          2. Charlie

            He sure is..lol..whilst also proclaiming Boris’ rising popularity. Ye couldn’t make it up.

          3. Nigel

            Gloating on here about the approval ratings of the guy responsible for all those deaths. Sociopath loving sociopaths.

    2. bisted

      …the history books will show that Boris single-handedly got brexit done and defeated coronavirus because, free of EU shackles, he organised mass vaccination…the number of deaths will be used to illustrate how dangerous was the adversary he overcame…the English history books anyway…

    3. Charlie

      It’s worth repeating. 125,181 lives lost!! European champions at long last Tommy. Wahayyy!

  4. Dr.Fart

    anyone notice on the news last night when they gave the vaccination numbers, they gave Irelands, 180k or something, mentioned supply excuses, then showed northern irelands numbers on the screen, 600k, but just said “and theyre rolling out vaccines in Northern Ireland as well” and moved on. pretty funny. the government vetting of the news pretty clear to see. Or maybe Paul Reynolds is so used to siding with them that it came naturally.

    1. Mr. T

      God help us if we ever do unify with the North – Stormont aside they still have some decent local govt and a functioning health service.

      1. Dr.Fart

        there’s a snobbery about the north from people down here. unifying seems to be viewed as though we’d be doing them a favour, but they’d lose out so much from being ran by our lot. we’d actually be better off handing back the keys ourselves.

    2. Charger Salmons

      RTE have been doing that since the very beginning
      Can’t be seen to give the North any credit.
      Nothing to see here
      Ooh look, what’s that over there.

      1. Dr.Fart

        yea, and when something bad happens in the north theyre really like “now. look at this. what a mad, dangerous and horrible place that is. eh? just look at this. my god. dispicable. are they even people?”

    1. ce

      Yes, but she will also be put on a continuous intravenous caviar drip for the entire six months

    1. alickdouglas

      I’m scratching my head about this one. Denmark typically has a good monitoring system in place, and their public health authorities have relatively good expertise on vaccines. Furthermore the scandi authorities share info closely with each other. It would be very unusual to pull the plug on a vaccine program for a single suspicious incident, as you say blood clots are a known risk in the general population. We’ll have to wait and see if there’s more data coming out of Denmark. That said, it wasn’t very clever from a communications point of view to halt the program without providing more rationale.

  5. Johnny

    Husband, Father, Barrister and now Fine Gael Councillor for Pembroke (Ranelagh, Sandymount, Donnybrook, Ballsbridge, Milltown, Dartry and Merrion)
    Mum is on the supreme court and dad is retired Supreme Court Judge Hugh,yet barrister James is a housing expert,tackling and blocking social housing.


    ‘Fine Gael councillor James Geoghegan, however, said he hoped councillors rejected the Sinn Féin proposal, which the report showed would increase the cost of housing and the bureaucracy involved in delivery.‘

    -appears reasonable and worth pursuing,but barrister and FG blue blood James doesn’t agree…so he had the management team write a report,this epitomes,everything corrupt and rotten with Finn Gael,right here right now in Dublin,at least get a independent report.


  6. johnny

    ..best piece non-paywall on Mexico and legislation.
    -the weed highway has been one way lately,into Mexico,american tourists won’t smoke dirt weed.After one visit and you treat yo self ,in any regulated weed shop in La or Cali you would never buy black market,again.
    Its like Moonshine V top shelf Tequila Ley.


    i’ve nothing to write on ireland,i’m sure Gino’s and the PBP Bill,will be out next quarter,tick tock,i do check here.


    pro-tip,focus on growing keep it simple,give every qualifying patient a lic to grow 12 their own meds/ plants,permit the bundling of lic. to qualified care givers( growers),making growing more semi-pro and not prone failing so often,via some small scale.
    govt just needs get out the way allow the industry grow,expand the qualifying conditions for medical to include chronic pain,ptsd.

    its really really simple,but nice web site.
    worked everywhere else,why not try it,instead this nonsense,ah big business,big ag,big pharma so everyone is better of having none then-no profits thats for sure except for your constituents,that is.
    this is why you can’t have nice and fine weed this weekend,PBP and Gino..

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