Last night.

In case you missed it.

Broadsheet on the Telly, featuring, clockwise from top left: host Neil Curran, celebrity accountant Vanessa Foran, guitar hero Jimmy Smyth and special guest, economist Eddie Hobbs.

Neil writes:

Eddie joined us to talk the Irish economy in a Covid and post Covid world. He shares his insight on Irish media, our soaring debt and unemployment and a huge need for reform. Vanessa also sang again.

2:00 – Vanessa’s 3 minutes and 10 seconds introduction of Eddie Hobbs
8:25 – “The mainstream media has become a shadow of what it was…”
12:00 – “We’re heading into an inflationary cycle”
13:00 – National debt & zero interest rates
18:50 – Where does it all end? The World Economic Forum & “The Great Reset”
24:00 – RTE & the death of mainstream media
37:00 – The Social Progress Index
43:30 – What does Ireland post Covid look like?
52:00 – “The indigenous Irish economy is feeble and weak, and not represented”
58:25 – “We are not going to have to pay for this with increased taxes”
1:01:00 – “The one question that gets my blood boiling” – what happens when the forbearance measures end
1:14:00 – “Is there going to be permanent damage?”
1:26:00 – Eddie’s one last takedown – The Irish Deep State!


Last night: Staying In?

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7 thoughts on “Eddiefying

  1. eoin

    Eddies come a long way from his ‘Buy two houses, heck buy three houses’ stance back in 2007 before the crash of 08.

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