HOW Many Stars?


Behold: Voyager Station – the solar system’s first space hotel, due to open in 2026. Along with one-sixth earth gravity suites, villas, restaurant, bar, gym, and an entertainment venue, the resort will offer spacewalks, low-grav basketball and a zero-g experience at the central docking hub.

Voyager Station will be constructed by robots in orbit and fitted with 44 autonomous “emergency return vehicles” for safe evacuation should something untoward happen.

Currently accepting reservations for a TripAdvisor-bothering €4,200,000 per three-day excursion.

You’ve seen Elysium. You know how this ends.


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3 thoughts on “HOW Many Stars?

    1. TypeONegative

      Had a look through their website. Their address seems to be an office unit in a shopping mall and while some of them have space engineering credentials, their CEO is an airline pilot instructor and the lad who made their graphics has “served in the US Marine Corps for 10 years with honor and pride” as his qualification.

      Forgive my pessimism but I once jobbridged for a tech startup that was entirely buzzwords on a fancy website, with an About Us page full of impressive-sounding professionals who were happy to have their name on the project but had day jobs in real companies and essentially weren’t doing anything. The aim was to generate some hype and scare a silicon valley company into buying them out. They got some mentions and impressive crossed-arms photos of the “CEO” in the papers but it went nowhere, there was no product as far as I could tell, just vague descriptions of backend web software that changed every month. I have a feeling that this practice is incredibly common.

  1. Clampers Outside

    This is all a cog, right?

    Who are they coggin’

    These puns are wheely poor.
    Grabs enviro suit exits hatch 4.

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