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Behold: Voyager Station – the solar system’s first space hotel, due to open in 2026. Along with one-sixth earth gravity suites, villas, restaurant, bar, gym, and an entertainment venue, the resort will offer spacewalks, low-grav basketball and a zero-g experience at the central docking hub.

Voyager Station will be constructed by robots in orbit and fitted with 44 autonomous “emergency return vehicles” for safe evacuation should something untoward happen.

Currently accepting reservations for a TripAdvisor-bothering €4,200,000 per three-day excursion.

You’ve seen Elysium. You know how this ends.


simonbeck14 simonbeck13 simonbeck12 simonbeck11 simonbeck9 simonbeck7 simonbeck6simonbeck5Every year, British artist and engineer Simon Beck embarks on a large scale art project – tromping through the pristine snow near his home at Les Arcs ski resort in France – creating elaborate geometric patterns much to the delight of ski-lift passengers dangling nearby.

A new winter season approaches. This sequence of photographs was taken earlier this year before the snow melted.

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