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Copy and paste, you say?

Via The Irish Times:

…The mother, who does not drink alcohol due to a medical condition, was a single parent in the home with her two children at the time. The reference to social workers’ fears of her “alcohol misuse” were repeated in several records in the family’s case file.

An internal review by Tusla, seen by The Irish Times, found the reference to parental alcohol abuse had been added into the case file due to a copy and pasting error.

The reference to alcohol misuse had been left on a form that was used as a template by social workers. “When a copy was made of this template, it was not properly redacted and, as such, a reference to parental alcohol use was on this copied template,” the review said.

Good times.

Tusla incorrectly added reference to ‘alcohol misuse’ into mother’s file (Irish Times)

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