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Emma Langford – Free To Fall

An adorable pooch is a man’s best friend.

That’s the message from this beautifully made video for the latest single by Limerick nu-folk songsmith Emma Langford (top) from her excellent second album Sowing Acorns.

The promo was written, produced and directed by Laura O’Shea who also stars in it alongside Tony Doyle and Bryony Flatman. Not forgetting Doug the dog.

Hi-fives all round.

Nick says:Who’s a good boy?

Emma Langford

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One thought on “You May Like This

  1. Slightly Bemused

    She is a wonderful songstress! And a good friend of my cousin, who occasionally has let her play with her :-)

    Little Slightly loved her last CD, but has yet to receive her wonderful rendition of At Seventeen.

    If people have not seen them, check out her sessions with Ger O’Connell!

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