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Paul Quin – Life On Earth

You ain’t heard nothin’ like the mighty Quin.

Electronica pioneer Paul Quin (top) – who was one half of synth-pop duo Biazarre in the late 1980s – wears his heart on his sleeve on the title track of his comeback album, due in October on the Russian label Scent Air Records.

The songs on the album reflect on his life as a valued member of the LGBT community and the homophobia he has endured.

The video was shot in Laragh House, County Kildare, by Philip Kidd.

Nick says: The Quin-ner takes it all.

Paul Quin

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2 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. seanydelight

    Think I worked with Paul a long time ago in the CATI centre over Jervis St, McDonalds.

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