Just Dropped




This afternoon.

Journalist Ewan McKenna is censored by Newstalk for raising issues prompted by leaked correspondence from the Independent Science Advisory Group (ISAG) critical of covid response critics that appeared on the website Gript.


John McGuirk, Gript founder, writes:

Newstalk, since this story was published, appear to have re-instated the original interview with Ewan McKenna in full. This poses several questions that are quite serious: If, for example, the defamation lawyers working for Newstalk had insisted that the section be removed, there would be no reason to re-instate it. The decision to re-instate the section makes this look much more like an editorial decision. In other words, we can be reasonably certain that McKenna’s interview was censored for political reasons.


Revealed: How Newstalk “disappeared” a criticism of the Zero Covid group (Gript)


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21 thoughts on “Just Dropped

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Stop trying to make Grifter/Youth Defence happen!

    Jeeesus, no wonder this site has gone to hell lately if these are your bedfellows.

    1. Andrew

      Daisy, try putting your fingers in your ears and closing your eyes while’ shouting I can’t hear you’ ;that way you’ll only ever hear the nice fluffy things you want to hear. Or better yet, start a campaign to have nasty websites, publications, radio stations and people you don’t like, taken down.

  2. Chevy Chase

    That’s what Ewan gets for hanging around with Colm Parkinson and getting top editing tips from him ;-P

  3. Commenter #1

    ” In other words, we can be reasonably certain that McKenna’s interview was censored for political reasons.”

    Lolol the neck!

  4. Micko

    Man, that is dodgy.

    Selecting and manipulating the audio to cut out the parts they don’t like.

    I know they do it all the time by cutting people off via a hard cut in VT or audio. but purposely crossfading in the presenter over him to make it seem like they are having a free flowing conversation.

    Dodgy ta fuuuuupp

  5. MoRhustyDilis

    Are some people really not piecing the pieces together amongst all this? It may be so obvious that it’s nearly invisibility now to the ignorant eye.
    Censorship, Garda clampdown on free demonstrations, leaked emails that should have everyone up in arms. Along with an inactive and useless government, mass long term lockdowns etc. All accepted and even mocked here on a daily basis.
    “If you tolerate this, then your children will be next”.
    People should be concerned, not mocking those who raise awareness and are active and pushing back.

    1. Micko

      I think the problem Mo is that myself and others here have been anti-lockdown for months on end on Broadsheet.

      Others have been in favour of the restrictions due to concerns about health etc. Concerns I can understand. I don’t agree with them – but I understand them.

      But so much arguing has been going on and it has been so intense, that for either side to change position would take a Herculean effort and a U-turn so big that it’d be visible from space. ;)

      So what we end up with is people (on both sides) that are unable to modify or change their position, even when they are presented with the media manipulating the facts, draconian Garda powers etc. Or people at protests saying mad ol things about Bill Gates etc.

      Everyone just goes along with their chosen side – as to be wrong is a terrible thing in our society.

      No side want to concede that they may be wrong.

      And we are frickin boned because of it.

      1. MoRhustyDilis

        Indeed Micko, but I also believe that it is harder for some people to tear themselves away from the constant Martix like messaging from MSM which is now such an intrinsic part of their psychological make up that even when presented with the truth from various believable and solid sources that it’s easier to mock and point and use terms like anti- vax or ratlicker etc.
        From my personal point of view I want to at least do something now rather than look back and regretting not making at least some noise or attending protests etc. I for one write to TD’s, sign petitions, enter calm debate, research as much as I can so I can sleep and when I reach old age I can at least have less regrets and have some pride in my ancestors and what they stood for.
        But as someone said once to me “most people are too busy washing their BMWs to give a damn”. Funny but unfortunately too true.

  6. ian-oG

    Why are we listening to John McGuirk?

    Him and Newstalk are both inclined to distort things to suit their agenda.

    Wouldn’t give either the time of day to be honest.

  7. curmudgeon

    Newstalk just lost even more credibility. Hate on Gript all you want (I do and for good reason), but don’t act like because a radio station has a broadcasting license its somehow morally superior.

    Well done for Ewan for having the balls to call them out.

    1. ian-oG

      Absolutely, Newstalk is garbage but because its national and licensed some people seem to equate that with journalistic integrity.

      Its a clown show and the only thing worth listening to is either off the ball if you are a sport fan or Moncrieff for the bizarro factor. Outside that, the rest is, as said, a clown show. At best.

      1. benblack

        Pat Kenny has had his moments.

        Tony Holohan hanging up during a live interview when pressed is a stand out in my recollection.

        Sorry, can’t find a link.

        I’m sure it must be out there somewhere.

  8. Sara

    Newstalk won’t be around in a year. Bauer’s going to close it. They’ve even given up trying to sell it. No takers.

  9. Daisy Chainsaw

    Ooops! Perennial loser McLurk’s big gob costs taxpayers €20k


    During an episode of Prime Time on March 2, right-wing commentator John McGuirk incorrectly claimed that Éirígí was responsible for the killing of a journalist (a reference to Lyra McKee, who was shot in Derry by the dissident republican group Saoradh) and that Éirígí “endorses terrorism”.

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