25 thoughts on “Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

  1. Bitnboxy

    Didn’t Florida open up their economy and lift their mask mandate (now advisory only) followed by Texas? So the attendees here are not breaking any rules. They might be endangering the health of others. I have noted some overweight guys in the still wedged into a green jersey.

    1. Micko

      I think the post is not really about if they are “breaking any rules” or not.

      It’s about seeing other people living and having the craic.

      And it’s bloody beautiful!

      Even if some of them are “overweight” ;)

      1. ce

        Looks like lots of Asian countries, New Zealand, or Australia… without the previous catastrophic death rate

          1. ce

            Cost them a lot less taxpayers money too – US and Europe borrowing in particular absurd given the lack of capital investments that will ultimately emerge

  2. paul

    Are Florida still prosecuting the person responsible for reporting the actual numbers of people dying with/of COVID? Anyone in the video who subsequently contracts COVID will probably blame everyone else for their misfortune but remember that a good time was had, a nice deluded bubble to see them through on their ventilator. Not a bad way to go.

    1. ce

      I’d reckon the older folks there are actually vaccinated…. lots of other there definitely not!

    2. Micko

      Is the survival rate still 99.77%? Or have the WHO updated their last report.

      If so, seems like pretty good odds to me even without vaccination.

      Even better with the jab of course. But a minor risk either way.

      1. ce

        To quote your good self – ” good for them.”

        In any event, they’ll all be need to evolve gills as Florida slowly sinks below the waves… do fish get Covid?

      2. paul

        tell me about Long COVID, Micko. Tell me about the people who’s lives are ruined by surviving COVID.

        Perfectly healthy before COVID? Now you’re on oxygen for the rest of your life, maybe you’re getting mad clots in your fingers and toes, maybe you now have a heart condition that’ll limit your life expectancy maybe a hundred different things. Survival rate is fine but if you knew that in a giant bowl of sweets there was one that would kill you and a couple that would ruin your life, would you dip in and chow down?

        1. Micko

          Yes indeed Paul. That can happen.

          But our lives I are full of risks. Ever done anything dangerous?

          Skydived, scuba dived, climbed a mountain, gone skiing, drove a motorbike, taken recreational drugs, had unprotected sex etc etc

          It’ll be all good man.

          1. paul

            These things are done by choice, having some selfish moron cough on me on a train and ending up on a ventilator is not.

          2. Micko

            Well you have the choice not to go out Paul.

            Give others the choice to do what they want.

            I’m pro choice.

          3. paul

            I work in a hospital so no, I don’t have that choice. If people take COVID-related risks and start filling up the hospitals again, then my job becomes infinitely more difficult and tragic but yeah, go on, exercise your rights as much as you like.

            You’re probably trolling me at this stage, no-one can be this thick. Have a good one.

          4. ce

            Can you just say Scubad?

            …This will turn into the Life of Brian, Roman Centurion correcting grammar scene

  3. baz

    brilliant scene.

    planet earth yesterday. people celebrating and living their lives without fear.

    thanks for that.

    1. paddy apathy

      In defence of the bag, these lads are just shoite. Also in defence of these lads, imagine marching in midday Florida heat, with a bellyful of green stout, spuds and corned beef and then playing the bagpipes?

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