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Clannad featuring Denise Chaila – In A Lifetime

Collaboration once again.

The stars of the county Donegal, Clannad, revisit their classic duet from 1985 with Bono’s part now sung by recent RTÉ Choice Prize winner Denise Chaila. And it’s every bit as good as you’d hoped it would be.

The picturesque video was shot in Dunlewey Church overlooking Poison Glen in the Gweedore area of Donegal.

Nick says: We came because we heard the harp.


Denise Chaila

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6 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Wilhelm

    I had forgotten just how amazing the original is with Bono’s vocals. One of his best for sure.

  2. Bruncvik

    I’m no music expert, but it seems to me there was some problem with the video quality. Ms. Chaila’s vocals seem a little shaky at time. Can’t really describe – some wave modulation, like autotuning out of sequence or something. Her mic is also powered down, and she sounds more like a backing track than one of the two lead vocals. I probably used lots of incorrect words; sorry. But I’ll reserve my judgement of this version until I see a higher quality video (or get better headphones).

  3. Tarfton Clax

    Nice. This was my favourite Bono vocal on anything back in the day. Not a U2 fan as such but thought he looked and sounded his best in the original video. This one is good too and might appeal to a younger demographic.

    Would like to see Clannad duet with Nemteanga from Primordial on this though.

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