Shamrockin’ Beats


The votes are in.

On Saint Patrick’s Day, with a patriotic €50 Golden Discs voucher on offer, I asked for your favourite Irish song (either as Gaeilge or in English) sung by any artist from Ireland or abroad.

You answered in your dozens.

But there could be only one winner.

Third Place:

Sometimes by My Bloody Valentine

Smith writes:

“From the 1991 album Loveless. Came to this album late and couldn’t believe it was an Irish band. Kevin Shields is a genius, essentially pioneered the shoegaze sub-genre.

“For me this song evokes so many feelings that change throughout. I get a mix of anxiety, sadness and utter bliss, due almost entirely to the music and arrangements. Turned up much later on the Lost in Translation (2003) soundtrack. Suited that movie perfectly & the band were introduced to a new generation. Timeless masterpiece.”


Beautiful Affair by Stockton’s Wing

Clampers Outside writes:

‘Walking around, be part of the sound,
Forget all your downs.
Feel the air.
Beautiful affair’

“An iconic, utterly timeless song not only of the trad-folk genre but of the whole catalogue of Irish music, I believe.

“Released in 1982, I was only 11, I remember the radio play it received, which was plenty. But it wasn’t until my early 20s did I appreciate the beauty of it.

“The lyrical poetry, particularly the chorus – my favourite lines are are above – opening the song with a gently sung chorus of male voices sans music accompaniment helps create a feeling of mysticism and magic.

“There is a near expectation of melancholy to the sound. The music comes in, layering a fullness to the seemless chorus and lead singer interplay. That expectation of melancholy tenderly lost now by a positivity in the lyrics that you can “feel (in) the air” around you. That mystic.

“But it’s not over there… another light hit confirming that upbeat feeling comes in on the delightful dancing sound of the tin whistle.

“By now, I’m usually smiling and feeling light on my feet, ready to take on another two hits of the beautiful chorus… and when it’s all over, hit ‘play’ again.

“Once is never enough, sure it’s pure magic.”


The Foggy Dew by Sinéad O’Connor and The Chieftains

Niall writes:

“Practically anything sung by the national treasure that is Sinéad O’ Connor.
“I’ve never heard a voice as powerful as hers. The passion, energy and emotion she puts into singing is like nothing else I’ve heard.”

Nick says: Thanks all.

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