Eye of Newt And Toe of Frog






Sinn Féin frenzy rooted in fear of a return to any kind of normality Eoghan Harris, Sunday Independent)

Mary Lou McDonald responds to ‘cartoon’ depicting her as a witch (Buzz.ie)

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27 thoughts on “Eye of Newt And Toe of Frog

  1. Bitnboxy

    Nowt like the Shinners for a bit of auld hypocrisy. What is sauce for the goose most certainly isn’t sauce for the gander.

      1. ian-oG

        Attack a FG female member for some policy faux pas or just making a stupid comment and they will be out with their pitch forks screaming MISOGYNY.

        Attack a SF female member for no good reason other than what appears to be a weewee poor attempt at deflection?

        High fives from the likes of Charlie Tanagan and his ilk.

        At this stage the terrorists* are more appealing the black and tan commemorationists.

        Funny old world, eh?

        *(Wasn’t the bauld Eoghan a member of a certain organisation, what were they called again……..)

        1. Bitnboxy

          Shinnerbots were out in force attacking the appearance on FG’s Jennifer Carroll McNeil during her recent appearance on Prime Time debating Matt Carty. This is the hypocrisy I’m taking about.

          In any event, this is much a-do about nothing. I’d be more concerned that the Shinners now appear to have two mutually inconsistent approaches to abortion and reproductive rights depending on which of the island’s jurisdictions in which one resides. Now, that is worrying more than any cartoon.

          1. ian-oG

            What’s worrying is how you conveniently ignore misogyny when its SF. Not just plain old misogyny, making cracks about ‘witches’. Bear in mind that witches were most likely harmless old herbalists living harmless lives who were killed for superstition.

            The cartoon and the support of it by high profile FG members is the issue here. Not Northern Ireland, not Primetime.

            If SF make gendered attacks on other politicians, its wrong. If FG do it, its wrong. If FF do it, its wrong. If the Green party or any other party do it, its wrong. Your personal feelings about the target should not be some sort of mitigating factor. The fact someone else in some party did it to another should not be some sort of mitigating factor.

            ‘They do it too!’ is not a defence against this. If they do, call them out on it, don’t engage in it. I’d expect better from a schoolyard. Not fully grown adults who should have more cop on.

            This is simply an out of touch old bigot who has nothing to offer except his own delirium spouting crap, end of story.

            You are either against it, or you are not, There is no middle ground here no matter where it comes from.

            Do better.

          2. Bitnboxy

            Indeed. Gendered attacks no matter what the source are wrong.

            Needless to say, the vast majority of women deserve a coherent and rights oriented approach to abortion on this island from Sinn Fein not a politically convenient one depending on the jurisdiction which is a far more egregious attack on women’s rights IMO.

          3. ian-oG

            Doing so well until the ”needless to say”.

            We are not talking about that.

            I’ll just put you down as being ”against sexism, provisionally, depending on target.”

            Ironic really, you getting labelled a ‘provo’.


          4. ian-oG

            Course you will, even though I am not but hey, if that’s all you have to cling onto your acceptable sexism, go for it.

            Might go some way to explain why FG are losing so much support. Reasonable people bring up reasonable points and you just say ‘shinners’.

            Grow up pal, there is still time, in the meantime, I’d avoid any virtue signalling on all matters sexism related.

            Because, you know, hypocrisy.

          5. Bitnboxy

            ? Jaysus you’re a dose.

            I criticise sexism and suddenly I am sexist? Don’t know what your issue is, but re-read my posts – where is the sexism? Your slurs won’t work. Both Jennifer Caroll McNeill and Mary Lou McDonald should be able to conduct their business free of sexist abuse. And BOTH get it in spades (Jennifer more than Mary Lou of late but that is beside the point).

            Oh, and you are a Shinner. My abortion point and the Shinner hypocrisy in Northern Ireland riled you. If the Shinners refuse to stand up to the DUP on female reproductive rights, then I would have thought that the definition of sexism. Women’s rights should not be negotiable depending on the which of the island’s jurisdiction we are talking about.

          6. ian-oG

            OK laddie, you cling on to that for dear life.

            It seems you have very little else going on.


  2. Johnny

    “What do you think spies are: priests, saints, and martyrs? They’re a squalid procession of vain fools, traitors too, yes; pansies, sadists, and drunkards, people who play cowboys and Indians to brighten their rotten lives. Do you think they sit like monks in London balancing the rights and wrongs?
    Le Carre.

  3. ian-oG

    Eoghan Harris?

    A swivel eyed loon who never got over his inability to be relevant.

    I see he is even try to make a case that Leaking Lying Leo’s woes are because, what, they made him give his good buddy Matty Tootles confidential documents.

    Amazing stuff. What Harris and FG appear to forget is that opposition to them does not equate to support for Sinn Fein. I’d be very much opposed to some of their policies, very much open to others but to just claim anyone who agin’ FG is surely a Shinner is schoolyard stuff, at best.

    Also, the Indo is dying and its a joy to behold.

  4. Andrew

    Wasn’t Martin McMahon part of that |Echo Chamber with Tony Groves podcast that used to be promoted on Broadsheet? If memory serves Tony flounced off in the end. Insufferable hypocrites, oh so right-on but actually one eyed and nasty with it.

  5. eamonn

    Makes me glad I avoided the papers this weekend again.

    You would think a career in political cartooning/lampooning would require at least a sense of humour?

    Imagine, if it were say the justice minister who were treated in such a fashion by a sunday paper ?

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