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Previously: ‘Grave error’ in Government’s new medicinal cannabis scheme (irish Examiner, February 20)

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5 thoughts on “Street Value

  1. Johnny

    … the Dutch authorities do not allow the commercial export of cannabis-based oils to wholesalers or pharmacies, they said-link above.

    It’s just a greenhouse grown sativa with a high thc level and low cbd-mid 20% I think,Aurora would have it or simlar,not sure if it’s ‘prescribed’ as it’s not approved in Irl….they just getting it and taking it-it’s also not available for export…

    Just grow it.

    Gino’s appears to have moved on, his issue du jour is breast cancer,I’m sure his much heralded cannabis bill is getting a final read,it’s only been 3 months since all that media coverage for Gino…..

  2. johnny

    “Next year People Before Profit will bring forward legislation to end the prohibition of cannabis in Ireland. This will be the first time in eight years that a bill to legalise cannabis will be before the Dáil. Looking forward to the debate ahead in 2021.”

    3:28 PM · Dec 14, 2020-Gino Kenny.

    Dec 16-2020″-Irish Lawmaker Gino Kenny Announces Plans To Push For Cannabis Legalization”.

    Dec 21-2020
    “Kenny has been a long-term advocate for cannabis, fighting on behalf of several patients to ensure that they have access to medicinal cannibas ever since he was first elected to the Dáil in 2016.”

    Dec 22-2020
    “Gino Kenny of Solidarity – People Before Profit has announced that the party will introduce a bill in Ireland next year to legalize cannabis.

    “Speaking to Hot Press, People Before Profit TD, Gino Kenny (pictured) – who has campaigned tirelessly on the issue ….TIRELESSLY…… one badly written,horribly drafted dead on arrival bill in 2016.

    shamelessly and tirelessly promoted his non achievements…off the backs off…

    HOME GROWING-is the solution,worked everywhere else.
    -give every patient a license to grow 6 plants-duh!

  3. Cork Cannabis Activist Network

    “Herb” is not covered whatsoever under the MCAP. Please amend this.

    There are only four low dose, cannabis-based, isolate medicines available under the MCAP: three oils, one capsules. None of these are the medicines currently being prescribed to license holders.

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