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Jab happy medic, Professor Luke O’Neill (above), professor of biochemistry in the school of biochemistry and immunology in Trinity College is joining us tonight to share his views on Covid, vaccines and bespoke, bubble-based, live entertainment.

Hosted by Neil Curran

Pic: RTÉ

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51 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. Ghost of Yep


    I should probably stfu then.

  2. eoin

    Ask Luke about Geert Vander Bossches claims regarding the dangers of cytokine storms from the ‘vaccines’. Also ask him why everyone keeps calling these drugs vaccines when they are not vaccines but treatments.

  3. Charger Salmons

    That makes The Angelus the only thing Luke O’Neill hasn’t appeared on during the pandemic.
    He’s the Jedward of jabs.

    1. Papi

      The absolute irony of charger saying someone else has worn out their welcome is fabulous. Ignorant, but fabulous.

    1. TypeONegative

      So the past two hundred years of surgical mask practice has been pointless, should surgeons just whip their masks off and breathe directly into open wounds in that case?

      Ok lets take the argument that masks are ineffective against preventing moisture from escaping as its being forced out the edges under the pressure of your exhalations, so what then about moisture entering? Someone breathing in my vicinity isn’t going to be blasting moisture around the edges of my mask. It will still prevent floating particles from getting in.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        But masks aren’t being put forward as prevention of being infected by the wearer. It was put forward as preventing spread. It doesn’t stop particles getting in. The video I linked to suggests otherwise as regards the possibility of spread.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Sorry Joe – And a Journal fact-check isn’t my go-to source for confirmation of anything.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Some youtube is. Like the video in the link. Did you look at it – and do you think it’s a fraud?

        1. millie bobby brownie

          Oh gosh…. I didn’t know Ivor had received his degree in medicine and virology.

          I must send him a card.

          1. MoRhustyDilis

            Does anyone who ever debates anything need to have the same qualifications as each other to debate? If that is what you are implying then you need to read more (I was going to say get out more but what’s the chances of that eh?)

          2. millie bobby brownie

            Oh I’m sorry I can’t understand you. Can you draw a picture to go with all those long words? Reading is soooo hard.

          3. millie bobby brownie

            I think having an understanding of virology, or even science in a pinch, beyond secondary school level is essential in a debate of this kind. That was my point.

  4. Micko

    Well this is impressive in fairness.

    Luke probably knows he’s in for a bit of a grilling and yet he’s agreeing to come on BS for a chat.

    Fair play – he has gone up in my estimation.

    1. f_lawless

      Is he really though? Surely what’s going to happen is that O’Neill will give his usual promotional pitch for the vaccine, mass vaccinations, vaccine passports, etc and – same as every other time he’s appeared on an Irish media outlet – there’s no else present with the scientific expertise that could really challenge him or hold up what he says to any scrutiny (no offense to any of the panelists intended, of course)

          1. Lilly

            I’d be all for it. Although Dolores has lost it a bit lately with her mad comments linking masks to oxygen deprivation.

      1. Micko

        You may be right. Let’s see.

        Well hopefully the guys will be able to ask him about the social consequences of the lockdown.

        Like, when does he think will we get to point where we accept the deaths from Covid. In a similar way that we accept the deaths from the flu / cancer etc every year.

        1. Cian

          In a similar way that we accept the deaths from the flu / cancer etc every year.

          I’m quite sure we don’t just accept deaths from flu/cancer each year.

          There are lots and lots of things put in place to reduce the number of both; including
          – flu vaccination – available free for at-risk groups.
          – cancer screening services; anti-smoking services; health & safety to remove carcinogens; HPV vaccine;….

  5. Micko

    Actually if you are taking questions for Luke. ;)

    What does Luke think of the treatment that Dr Martin Feeley received from the HSE when he questioned the lockdown strategy?

    Does he agree with him being asked to resign?

  6. f_lawless

    “In Ireland you’ll probably have a vaccine passport to say you can’t travel around the country (without a vaccine)” Newstalk 16/11/20

    “We need to convince people you’re not really taking the vaccine for yourself, you’re doing it to protect others. That’s the line we must follow..the kind of argument we’re seeing is: it might be in an airplane, in a sports stadium, wherever crowds gather“it’s a choice – you can choose not to travel, you can choose not to go to a football match if you wish “ Newstalk 30/1120

    1. Given that the manufacturers aren’t claiming that the vaccines will prevent transmission, why is O’Neill advocating for mass vaccination of the Irish population with vaccines that have no long term safety data? How is it ethical that those who are at low risk to Covid would be held to ransom by being prevented from taking part in various aspects of daily life if they choose not to take the vaccine?

    2. Considering what various experts are now saying – that mass vaccination programs will incite new variants that evade the vaccines -(as referenced recently by UK Vaccine Deployment MP Nadhim Zahawi:the more we vaccinate, the more the virus will attempt to survive and mutate even further …we’re able to sequence the genomes rapidly and then talk to the manufacturers. And you saw the deal we announced this week with CureVac where we’re looking to manufacture the new variant of vaccine that deals with the new variant of virus.”)

    has O’Neill properly considered the societal implications of advocating for a “vaccine passport” system that’s set to be in place indefinitely? Won’t it lead to major social unrest – what some are dubbing a kind of “medical apartheid?

    1. Cian

      1. You need to play that hand you are dealt. We don’t know the long-term data, but we can’t afford to wait 5 years to see.

      2. Stupid arguement. Mutations are random. A virus doesn’t have any “will”. The virus isn’t aware of what we are doing. Covid mutates as it spreads; the more it spreads the more likely a mutation happens. If you vaccinate a population there were be fewer hosts, so fewer chances for a mutation to happen.
      Why is the a UK variant and a Brazil variant – but no Australian or New Zealand variants?
      Are there super-virulent measles and polio viruses (and all other viruses we have vaccinated against) out there? no!

  7. freewheeling

    BS giving Luke an easy ride, unchallenged, and yet another platform for his mantra and agenda – vaccinate .. vaccinate … vaccinate .. it’s the *only* way out. But the way out to what – a culture of immunological pharma dependence and civil restrictions to ensure it?

    He’s never challenged on the fallacy he uses to justify it, that the economic effects of all of this are caused by “the virus”, not by the collective response to the virus, of which he was a major public proponent and salesman.

    “If we’d gone for herd immunity approach alone, there’d have been a lot of deaths.”

    How many deaths will there be because of preventing natural herd immunity? Will he keep on top of the evidence for that, as it continues?

    1. Steph Pinker

      From what I watched, I agree, no hard-hitting questions or critical thinking applied, just appeasing the great scientist; it’s almost as if people are scared and in awe of O’ Neill because he’s been on RTÉ and is now part of the bubble furniture.

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        Due respect I wouldn’t have been able to pick the man out of a line up
        and I think it’s fair to say I am the most critical of RTE around, here at the very least – officially recorded independent criticism at that

        Just cause I know nothing about science – and haven’t been afraid to admit that, nor have I attempted to let on I do
        And to that, you’ll not find a comment from me recorded or noted anywhere on the scientific wherewithall of Covid-19, or indeed the science under any of the vaccination products

        That deliberate absence does not make me an appeaser
        once again Steph you are posting material about me that is simply not true

    2. Cian

      How many deaths will there be because of preventing natural herd immunity?

      The answer to this is there will be fewer deaths if we use vaccination to achieve herd immunity than wait for natural herd immunity.

      Like we do for all the other things we vaccinate against. Polio, Measles, etc

  8. MoRhustyDilis

    Well that was an absolute waste of an opportunity for one of Irelands few, if only, critical thinking media outlets to ask some proper questions!
    What was with the kit gloves,the nods of agreement and a few softball questions for that megalomaniac?
    A man who told schoolchildren that there would be permanent unremovable vaccine writstbands?
    Poor show.

  9. V aka Frilly Keane

    For those cribbing above about the last night’s show
    here is what one of Broadsheet’s own posted into the Chat Pit

    some old queen
    ​Does Luke O’Neill feel that hanging from the nearest tree will be acceptable or just jail after Nuremberg II?

    neatly above it sits this beauty
    Luke Warm
    ​Puke O Neill is a gombeen man

    Luke O’Neill demonstrated last evening that he is anything but a gombeen man
    and actually, he was great fun, the craic out of him before we went live was priceless

    But then, ye have a well embedded preference for spiteful bitter miserable woo sellers, and opportunists dressed up as free speech evangelists
    So we should have known ‘the crowd’ as they say

    So with that in mind
    Since I have no doubt Professor O’Neill will be with us again anyway, a Sci Fi nonsense film festival for sure, I’m more that happy to approach him and suggest an Answer a Broadsheeter Format

    so lets have ye

    1. f_lawless

      These are past quotes from yourself about Luke O’Neill and the race for vaccines:

      “For anyone still sticking it out and quoting Professor Luke O’Neill
      Please post a health warning with it in future
      Here’s €30m reasons – for starters, why….

      ..The receipt of 30 million is the Conflict that needs to be declared.”

      “Every decision and steer we’ve had to follow
      Since last February
      Has had Money as its key motivation

      The race for a vaccine was / is about Money
      Not to save the World
      But to make Money
      They even stuffed their pockets with grant millions/ billions
      + Allowances
      And still sought indemnity”

      I didn’t see the interview in all it’s entirety and correct me if I missed it, but did you ask him about any of your concerns about his ties to the pharmaceutical industry and potential conflicts of interest? If not, how come?

      I think you should approach him and propose that he debate with someone who has enough expertise to provide a counter opinion. If he’s confident of his own opinions, he shouldn’t be afraid of defending them and dispelling those who would challenge him.

      1. V AKA Frilly Keane

        That extract is about Probity
        Not Science

        And we almost went there when I was very clear about my dislike of the heavily promoted corporate branding and buddying. In particular Leo Vs bigging up Pfizers before they’d even got into final stage trails. Actually Neil even entered a time pin for you if you were even **sed

        And since you weren’t
        Yet went to the trouble of digging up a post of mine
        At least be honest and complete
        And provide the link to the entire thread from which you carefully made your selection

        If you had actually watched the show you would also have come up on an exchange that started to bring us towards money / pay etc of those that are behind all the decisions
        Can’t remember for sure – but I think I called Prof O’Neill’s reaction ‘a cheap shot’

        In all fairness tis all a bit rich for the anti- Vax crowd here to be calling any interview with a controversial speaker on vaxs ‘an easy ride ‘

        1. f_lawless

          “Yet went to the trouble of digging up a post of mine”

          I was looking for my own posts on O’Neill yesterday evening and in the process read some other people’s posts on him such as yours. With those fresh in mind, I thought it was a bit jarring to read you describe, in such a hyperbolic way, those people airing their frustrations at seeing O’Neill yet again receiving a fairly easy ride on another Irish media outlet. Quote: “a well embedded preference for spiteful bitter miserable woo sellers, and opportunists dressed up as free speech evangelists”. So we should have known ‘the crowd’.

          It’s another easy ride for O’Neill because he’s never faced with anyone who might have the expertise to challenge him, scientifically speaking

          I didn’t bother including the links to your comments only because (a) if I include more than one link the comment gets put under moderation and (b) you yourself hadn’t bothered to give a link for SOQ’s comment. If that’s what he said, his comment is obviously out of order but I think it’s completely unfair to use it as representative of the overall criticism which O’Neill has received in prior comment sections on Broadsheet.

          For reference, here’s a link to one of your comments. There’s nothing misleading in what I quoted, nor was that my intention – I didn’t copy and paste the whole thread for the sake of brevity.

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            SOQs post is up on the Chatpit
            link to the video is already there

            and with the greatest respect
            how could anyone expect me to interrogate him on Science

            I’ve left myself out of all there here
            and for good reasons

            my posts, again since you seem to need reminding
            were about Probity and Conflict of Interest

            not Science

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