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  1. Steph Pinker

    Nothing about Varadkar in today’s papers? Looking for a leak isn’t a public convenience after all.

  2. Birdie

    Sometimes I just despair when I learn about dossiers on autistic children without their consent or their parents and private hospitals looking after their kids private schools. This happens time and time again because there are no repercussions and the people that do this know that, they are protected completely. What will change that? A new government?

    1. bisted

      …yesterday in the North the Secretary of State had to overrule Stormont to implement pro-choice laws that had already been approved…17124 people were vaccinated yesterday…8471 received their first vaccine making 48.4percent of the population have now received their first vaccine…people in the North are on their way to enjoying the best of both worlds…people in the South deserve a lot better…

    2. The Bottler

      There is now a vice like grip on Irish society by a cohort of the privileged and entitled. Optics like big fines on Banks are just that. The tab will be channelled down to consumers. Ken Murphy’s Law Society, the Beef Barons our Guest Senators endowing the salaries for undisclosed tax breaks all ensure through their private schools continuation of the now established system. No election will change that.

  3. Frank

    hard to believe kids are only back in school and it’s time for a 2 week ‘break’ with absolutely nothing for them to do. the teachers and teacher unions are milking this crisis for all its Worth. they should be making up the time not taking more time off for ffs. any notion of leaving the schools open during summer?? not a hope. teachers should be ashamed of themselves

    1. Jdawgs

      I totally completely agree. The educational welfare of the children is the absolutely last thing they care about. It’s insane that they are out for such a long break being stuck indoors again.

    2. Lilly

      Teachers have not been sitting at home with their feet up while children were off school. They’ve been working, doing lessons online, which many find more difficult than teaching in a classroom. Children too have been taking part in these online lessons. They all deserve a break for Easter.

      1. Clampers Outside

        +1 it’s been stressful for all including the parents from what I’m seeing and hearing.

      2. Frank

        Lily the while time my kids were off we got a miserable 15min audio visual thing each day but it was up to us to do the teaching. I done 9-12 and my partner done 1 until 3 or 4 each day while trying to work ourselves and mind a younger child whose ecce preschool has been closed now since before Christmas.
        The kids most certainly do not need a break because they have months of work to catch up on and the teachers should be putting in the work they foisted on parents while sitting at home doing the minimum of work and getting paid for it.

    3. Micko

      I think teachers do a great job.

      But the unions – oh man! They are milking the hell out of this thing alright.

      How a teacher is supposed to be in more danger with the same 30 kids than say a Tesco’s employee is beyond me.

    4. TMan

      You clearly have no children of school going age if you think that. As Lilly said kids and Teachers need this break more than ever, and I need it to break the monotony if only for a little bit.

      1. Frank

        both myself and partner self employed with 2 kids in school 1 in preschool. the very thought of a ‘break’ is ridiculous. we’ve thought our kids and tried with enormous difficulty to earn at the same time.
        if you think the teachers have had a tough time and done a great job you’re either a teacher yourself or a state employee and you’re getting paid to do nothing hoping this never ends.

          1. Frank

            bisted we taught our kids every day the schools were out and we worked. they are only back from midterm and they’re out again on Easter break. Kids have now missed the bones of a year in school and there is no plan and no will for them to make that up in the ‘breaks’ Easter or Summer. the Public service is milking this for every drop and not a whit of work is being done

        1. TMan

          That’s not been my experience I have to say. 3 Kids all primary all getting two 30 min sessions each day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. There were 4 small groups in each class so essentially the teachers had to teach the same 30min block for each group. The kids were then given the work to do before the next session. Like other people have said it was really tough on everyone not least the teachers (Teachers have kids too). That included both Parents trying to work. I used to get up really earlier to get some hours done so I could be free to help out with school work and I would then work late in the evening. It wasn’t easy but we managed to muddle through. I’m looking forward to a week off doing nothing over Easter.

        2. V aka Frilly Keane

          this is the dysfunction and apartheid that has being established here by Government

          Allowing so much and so many – mainly Public Sector P&Ps carry on on their own terms around lockdown regs
          since March last year
          while the private sector are the ones taking the brunt of lockdown
          by stepping up – like say here with home schooling, or in their businesses – investing in home set ups for employees, rearranging their premises , following occupancy rules etc

          and delay after mishap after another mess in roll outs
          roll outs of testing, track n’trace, and now vaxing

          but pay rises and increments
          and top-ops that defy any peer benchmarking
          are being shoved into our faces

          and as for the treatment of Students, particularly Nurses

          feck, sorry, I should remember tis a Friday…

    5. Cian

      My kids have been back to school since the start of February. Their teachers did a great job with the online teaching.
      They have been back in the classroom for 2 weeks.

      I am very proud of what the teachers in my kids’ school have achieved.

      1. Micko

        Cian The Contrarian back in action!

        “Everything is perfect with the government and Irish society – everything is fine!” :P

        Like, every single post man!

        You’re like the Frank Drebin of Broadsheet…



        1. Cian

          My post was clearly relating anecdote – how my kids schools are doing.

          If you choose to read that as “Everything is perfect with the government and Irish society – everything is fine!” that it wholly with you. :-)

          1. Micko

            Ah come on man. ;)

            Nearly every post you make is about how everything is fine and the gov are doing a great job and how that posh school didn’t weasel vaccines etc etc

            Have a look back over your posts. Even in this thread alone.

            And don’t get me wrong, I’m an awful contrarian as well… takes one to know one.

            I’m just asking you to think about the possibility. You might be taking a contrary stance just for the sake of it. ;)

          2. Cian

            I am more positive about the way the country is run that most on this site – yes.I try to add balance to the outright lies others tell.

            But none of the other things you attribute to me.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    A lot of leftover vaccines available. In the case of that school, no more than 5 vaccines should have been ‘leftover’ as a bottle contains maximum 6 doses. For 40 to be ‘leftover’ is a lie.
    Does the private hospital have a ‘private’ supply?

    1. Cian

      You really don’t understand how the real world works – do you?

      Yes, each vial is split into 5 doses, but they don’t mix it 6-at-a-time; that would be totally inefficient (you’re big into saving money -aren’t you). They will look at their schedule for the day, and mix enough doses for the day. If they have no-shows then there are excess.

      Does the private hospital have a ‘private’ supply?
      I dunno, do all the private GPs have a ‘private’ supply too?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Not that well up on it yourself Cian now are you?

        The vials contain 5-6 doses. They are defrosted, and then mixed. Once defrosted, and if left unopened, they still last an additional 5 days – which means that the mixing can still be done up to 5 days after defrosting at 2 to 8 degrees celcius. The Diluent is 0.9% sodium chloride (normal saline, preservative-free)

        How costly is it to mix do you think? – (I suppose with HSE thinking, it’s probably thousands of euro per vial to mix it with a saline solution)

  5. goldenbrown

    whatever about whatever about whatever on the technicals….

    if this Gerard’s/Beacon story is true then it’s the very definition of in-your-face monied class privilege on display here. old skool tie yet again, when will we ever learn?

    1. Johnny

      …be great for admissions,the rich aren’t like everyone else,who dropped the ball at ‘rock,c’mon lads place is normally full of pR8&ks.

  6. Johnny

    Not a good look,for Alan Kelly’s bro. this is just trailer trash.

    ‘But Miller’s departure from Teneo was a sham. Previously undisclosed confidential records from inside Teneo show that on the same day Miller signed a formal “separation agreement and general release” from Teneo, he signed a new contract with the firm, whereby Teneo agreed to secretly engage Miller as a consultant, through a hastily formed LLC, at the very same base compensation of nearly $500,000 doing the very same work.

    The maneuver adroitly allowed Teneo to let Miller continue working for them, during a time when the largely Democratic firm was eager to develop closer relations with the Trump White House – while also not having to pay the reputational and public relations costs of openly associating with Miller and others in the administration.’



  7. Charger Salmons

    Charger’s Jab Jibber-Jabber™

    Last Sunday Ireland vaccinated just six people with their second dose.
    In all of Ireland.
    There were 72,000 vaccine doses unused in storage.

      1. Charger Salmons

        You want data ? I got data.
        It’s even up to date …
        As of yesterday 3,009,863 people in the UK had been ” fully ” vaccinated, up 234,382 on the day before.
        That is 4.51% of the total population.
        Ireland has administered two doses to 3.8% of the population.
        Overall in the UK 559,324 new vaccinations were registered yesterday, bringing the number who’ve had at least one vaccine to 29,316,130
        That is 43.9% of the total population.

        1. Charlie

          148,125 deaths in the UK.
          4,631 deaths in Rep of Ireland.

          Nothing else to see here. Game, set and match.

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