A Thousand Welcomes


This afternoon.

Dublin Airport.

A passenger reacts angrily as she is taken by coach under Irish Army escort to the Crowne Plaze Hotel on the first day that travellers from countries deemed hot spots are required to undergo mandatory quarantine.


This afternoon

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dublin Airport.

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25 thoughts on “A Thousand Welcomes

  1. eamonn

    No chance the person might just be peeved at a photographer, I wonder ?
    It is hardly a surprise to her – the mandatory hotel stay is it.
    either way, it seems very a shouty way of going about your business

  2. Gavin

    I’d be pissed if someone was taking photos of me which were then going to be published in the media to generate revenue while everyone speculated as to all the reasons I shouldn’t be entering the country.

    1. george

      You’d think she’d wear a mask so. All she’s done is increase her odds of appearing in the paper.

    2. missred

      Yeah I wouldn’t want people gawking at me. Photographing the bus is one thing but it’s very invasive showing the people’s faces

      1. ce

        True, it is daft – we maintain privacy in covid outbreaks but take pictures of people going into quarantine

        1. george

          Who is “we”? Because I don’t work for the HSE and I’m not a photographer and the HSE isn’t out there photographing people.

  3. baz

    Bonkers strategy by Donnelly et al at this stage of the pandemic.

    Attempting to distract from HSE/Gov failures at rolling out the vaccinations.

    I feel for these people.

  4. johnny

    what a absolute disgraceful waste resources, haven’t seen a coach like that before-O’Grady’s huh were ICE not hiring,maybe the RUC will need you next,oh hold on…

    Central bank letter,FG/FF spending/wasting money like a bunch out of control HSE directors and pumped up nurses,is there no end to this waste,budgets ah STOP we don’t believe in them its the HSE….,just spend it FFS,like we have last ten budgets..

    “The fiscal support package introduced in Ireland was large in an international context. With direct supports a more prominent feature of the Irish fiscal response than in other countries,the increase in primary government spending in Ireland was the second highest in the euro area in the first three quarters of last year. ”


    1. george

      The people travelling are paying the cost. Only bonkers things is that it doesn’t apply to people coming from all countries and wasn’t brought in much sooner.

  5. E'Matty

    Hmm, I wonder are there any GDPR or other privacy issues associated with revealing and publishing the identity of a person who is subject to medical quarantine? Just a thought.

  6. Anton Chigurh

    This’ll just drive air passengers north of the border; it’s going to be a busy summer for flights through Belfast unless the government come up with a plan for aviation recovery.

  7. f_lawless

    Question: at what point do we envisage this coming to an end now that it’s up and running? New variants are always going to emerge. A known issue with the vaccines is that they’re liable to incite new variants that can evade the immune response produced by the vaccines -like the flu

    Could this be a bit like introducing mandatory masks at the end of last summer? Once you’ve gone down this road, where’s the out? ‘Heath passport’ system in place indefinitely?

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