The Gospel According To Luke


Last night.

Broadsheet on the Telly.

Vax-giddy pharma phanatic Luke O’Neill (top) joined Vanessa Foran, Jimmy Smyth and host Neil Curran for a rona special.

Neil writes:

Professor O’Neill shared his insight on the handling of the virus and all things vaccines. From Covid in kids to conspiracy theorists, and when we will be having pints again, when will it all end?

2.05 – How is Ireland doing? – “No.4 for keeping our people alive and on vaccine rollout”
4.25 – Should we have relaxed lockdown before now?
7:00 – “NPHET are not following the science”
11.05 – When do we switch from prioritising vaccines figures over cases?
18.50 – Are asymptomatic carriers really a risk?
26.00 – Vanessa doesn’t like corporate branding of vaccines.
37.00 – AstraZeneca and blood clots
41.15 – Could Ireland produce a Covid vaccine?
46.44 – “We didn’t overwhelm the hospitals in this country”
48.35 – Are children a risk?
58.30 – Did China withhold information about the origins of the virus?
1.01.30 – Does Vitamin D, Zinc etc help?
1.04.15 – Conspiracy theorists
1.07.05 – When will we be having pints indoors again?
1.13.25 – Representation on NPHET
1.20.05 – William Shatner turns 90

Yesterday: Staying In Tonight?

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11 thoughts on “The Gospel According To Luke

    1. bisted

      …it’ll never happen White Dove…as Prof O’Neill said himself there…’there’s no point in arguing with people who think the earth is flat or that men didn’t walk on the moon, they’re against me from the start’…and that’s only John Ryan…

  1. MoRhustyDilis

    @whiteDove, I’d love to see that too, as I suggested in the other post.
    But from V’s response to the posts it’s very obvious what her personal feeling are by calling those of us who questioned the BonTV session as ‘spiteful miserable opportunists’.
    But sure wasn’t Luke great craic altogether so that makes it all ok.
    The issue is that this guy is everywhere and no one has asked any serious cutting educated questions or call him up on anything he says.
    It’s like Ireland in the 1920 and he’s the parish priest who can do no bad at all and sure why would you ever doubt or question what he’s doing to your children.
    Give John at shot at questioning him next time, at least during his chat with Ivor he was open minded enough to take and agree on some points and maybe less included to slap Luke on the back and go for pints because he’s priceless.
    Once again I mourn for anyone who still thinks at this stage that Luke and his Pharma buddies have our best interests at heart.
    No better than CB on RTE who has been slated here many times.

    1. Kim Cardassian

      Gwan giz a laugh. What are the serious educated questions that no one is asking?

      You a scientist Ted?

    2. V AKA Frilly Keane

      Here we go again – extracting a selection of my words and trimming them to fit into your own post. You’ve customised them for yourself and adapted them for a very different usage. You have corrupted my post on another thread
      Your very own little act of deflection and spin. How fake media is that….
      Ha. Just like Sydney Powell •́ ‿ ,•̀

      Just so we’re clear on everything – and since you brought this one up yourself, John Ryan was invited to join us last evening

      Secondly, and I was there from the moment Prof O’Neill tagged in to when we all tagged out, at no stage did he give the impression he wasn’t game for anything, be it questions, telly, music, messing, whatever.

      Nor did he have conditions, limits or cut offs, beyond wanting to make the last DART home – which he said himself – live. Nor did he impose restrictions on who would also be on the live stream with us, or who would present the questions. None.

      Ye’re all big booted at calling me out from behind yere alternative identities
      Yet not so great at calling out one of yere own

      What yere hero SOQ posted into the chatpit was a disgrace
      No other word for it
      Only, this one

      I sincerely hope Professor O’Neill comes on again, and let’s us finish what we started, not just the Sciences, but on Corporate influence / Conflict of Interest, demonstrating Independence & practicing transparency

      But mainly because he’d have no difficulty going with the flow and staying with it
      No matter where we end up
      And that’s the show format we have and want to keep

  2. D-troll

    see table of contents providing what minute he discusses what. are people that impatient, lack focus that they cant just listen to the whole lot.

    thanks all the same.

  3. phil

    That was a good interview, Neil did very well…

    I dont want to be mean but Vanessa derailed a good conversation , I might humbly suggest the interviewers work out their questions before the interview , and practice asking them, and aim to give the guest 90% of the speaking time ….

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