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      1. Cú Chulainn

        How will Uri fit the tanker up his sleeve..? He doesn’t have a pocket big enough. Mind you, he’ll be known for ever more as Uri Gellar: the spoon bothering ship shifter..

      1. Cú Chulainn

        Donnely actually has no clue how much of an abject failure he is. He genuinely thinks he’s doing a great job in difficult circumstances. I’d call him a fool, except folks often have positive attributes and he has none…

      2. Donald McCarthy

        They wouldn’t have gotten away with it had it not been for those pesky kids. Who doesn’t love a privileged kid in need of a privileged education?

      3. GiggidyGoo

        And true to form, Donnelly changes his tack and.now says there will be consequences for the Beacon.
        FF are having fun with the blow-in.

          1. Unreal

            Another example of what I was referring to below

            The vulva begins to swell and may redden around four days before farrowing. The mammary glands become taut, triangular and more defined about two days before farrowing. Watery secretions from the teats may be seen two days prior, which become more ‘milky’ within 12-24 hours. If milk is abundant and easily flows when the teats are gently squeezed, then the sow is probably within six hours of farrowing. Restlessness and nest-building are signs that the birth will be in the next eight to 24 hours, with sows weaving straw, grass, twigs and any other available material into the most impressive constructions. Their respiration rate may also increase as they prepare, peaking around nine to 10 hours before farrowing. Finally the cervix dilates, opening up the exit route.

  1. Clampers Outside

    All kinds of wrong with that call centre watching workers… when working from home.

    There’s enough tech there to monitor phones, no need for video… Disgraceful.

  2. Cú Chulainn

    Have we not gone full circle with the birth cert for a child born of two women ? How will that child ever find its father, I’m assuming there is still some sperm involved in the process. Have we not learned that children very often need to know who their biological father and mother are? Even if their dad was some tosser who did it with a little glass jar …

    1. ce

      +1 The mothers should definitely be both listed as the parents – that is fantastic.

      But donation/surrogacy etc. in which a child has no legal right to know the other biological participants… what could possibly go wrong…

    1. Nigel

      Lonesome Dove, one of the great pre-golden age TV miniseries and a fantastic, legendary series of books (that’s the order in which discovered them.) A master storyteller.

      1. johnny

        Thanks Paulus really enjoyed that,made me lonesome for The Coachella Valley,which has become the ‘Napa Valley’ of cannabis cultivation,close Joshua Tree.

        Nigel,what an incredible writer, bookended by Brokeback Mountain,but agreed on Lonesome Dove.

        He owned a bookstore in Georgetown for many years and assembled a world class collection,then decided on a whim, to buy up most the old downtown Archer,Texas(last pic show),to locate what became a very large book collection.

        “… his hometown “the bookless part of a bookless state.” In later years, the town became the headquarters of McMurtry’s internationally renowned book collection, which at one time occupied multiple storefronts on the barren streets and numbered close to half a million titles.”


    1. The Bottler

      So Compo for all and 40% to the shyster solicitor. It all filters down for the ordinary consumer to pay whether in lack of services or taxes.

  3. Charlie

    Chavger is awake from his regular budget wine fuelled Friday binge.
    Have a nice weekend y’all x

    1. Charger Salmons

      Although France could soon be on the UK’s ” Red ” list if the third wave continues to worsen in that country.
      41,869 new C-19 cases and deaths up by 897 in a day.
      France is now paying the price for Napoleon’s Macron’s careless vaccine danger talk and inept roll-out.

      1. ce

        “France is now paying the price for Napoleon’s Macron’s careless vaccine danger talk and inept roll-out.” – yep, not sure what the French is for muppet… Le Muppet?

        But I do know the English for muppet … roll out some handshakes there boss, see if we can take out a couple (150,000) plebs…

        To mix metaphors – muppet-calling-the-kettle-black (I should get a job at The Star… actually I should just get a job)

        1. Charger Salmons

          You can always rely on EU doormat Tony Connelly to allow truth and facts walk all over him.
          The RTE’s official stenographer in Brussels has been told by his handlers that yes the vaccine debacle has done a lot of damage to the EU but most of that is the fault of the UK media.
          What a jackass.
          No wonder the Irish public are in denial over the ineptitude of the EU.


  4. Lilly

    I think the sound problems at the end of Tomorrow Tonight were on John’s side, not David’s. Accidentally hit the mute button maybe… could happen to a Bishop.

  5. f_lawless


    “Britons could have their faces scanned to allow them to access pubs, gigs and sports events under one government-funded plan being drawn up for vaccine passports.

    Technology firms with government funding are developing software to allow customers to be scanned when they enter venues and have their coronavirus data checked.

    Boris Johnson indicated this week that the government is warming to passports being used in pubs and other settings.”

    it’s hard believe that we’ve gone from “3 weeks to flatten the curve” a year ago to this totalitarian dystopia a year later. If it gets up and running in the UK, you can be sure it’ll be coming here. It might be urgently time to consider getting out there and joining future protests if you haven;t already.

  6. eoin

    Covid passports, eternal lockdowns, forced jabs…..yet Texas is fully opened up and back to normal for the last two weeks and cases are plummeting. But I guess we are supposed to just ignore that ‘anomaly’. This is purely due to…politics. If we take the win here and admit lockdowns and passports and vaccines are unnecessary, we must be on the far right. The politicians in Euroland need to suck up and admit they’ve been wrong about everything they’ve done and take their lumps before they completely destroy their societies and economies. Otherwise they need to be replaced. End all this madness now.

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