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    1. Verbatim

      He’s organizing getting the spare vaccines over to Ireland, right before other developing countries.

  1. missred

    Uri Geller and the Daily Star are the perfect pairing that we never knew we needed. And don’t deserve, frankly. Who needs a headline generating algorithm when you have these two?

  2. goldenbrown

    pretty humiliating result tonight at Lansdowne Road

    but hand on heart I’m actually pleased we’re not going to be part of that Qatar circus

    fupp Qatar

    1. Charger Salmons

      ” Pleased we’re not going to be part of that Qatar circus.”
      Of course you are dearie.
      You’ve waited 20 years for qualification so what harm in waiting another four ?
      Still, Luxembourg.
      The last time anyone from Luxembourg came to Dublin to take the piss he was called Jean-Claude Juncker…


        1. Charlie

          It’s Danny La Rue. Nothing a Brit loves more than men dressing as women. I never understood their fascination.

          1. Charlie

            He never donned the women’s kit til he got to Blighty. He knew his audience. Game, set and match. What a strange phenomenon the Brits have with putting on ladies garments.

    2. Charger Salmons

      Time for some divine intervention for this team of journeymen cloggers.


  3. Ron

    That is a very generous offer from our neighbour

    We owe the UK a big thank you for providing what our own Govt were not able to provide.

        1. ce

          Given that the idiocy and incompetence of Boris “shake-a-hand, delinquent Dad”Johnson helped to also deliver a covid variant that’s made our life hellish… it’s the least they could do.

          That doesn’t absolve other incompetences around the world… but thanks for the free stuff, should offset the interest payments from the bailout… nice

    1. goldenbrown

      don’t kid yourself, just more spin, nothing to do with nothing

      himself (and Arghleen) trolling the EU, again

      (and succeeding again, seriously it’s just too easy, how gullible are our media??)

      see also: World Cup 2140 bids, boristunnel/borisbridge, etc etc etc

      1. bisted

        …ask any Garde near the border and they will tell you about the constant steam of people heading north to a vaccination centre with their appointment cards…currently on over 50s, this stream will become a flood when the age is reduced further…another brexit best of both worlds bonus…

        1. wearnicehats

          There is not a constant stream. There are a few chancers who are being turned away at the vaccination centre unless they show a GP registration card

          1. bisted

            …you go online and book an appointment…they will ask for your NHS number but many of us have done a stint in England and will have one…you must be one of the lucky ones who never had to migrate…

          2. Charger Salmons

            Not as simple as that old chap.
            Having got wise to the scam NI vaccinators are specifically requesting details of which NI GP you’re registered with and people are being turned away.
            Of course, an old NHS number will still entitle you to a couple of free jabs on the mainland, bookable online and which doesn’t require a UK address or GP’s registration.
            Theoretically it’s only open to those over 50 at the moment but a little known scam is claiming you’re an unpaid carer which automatically gets you a double booking with no questions asked.
            You can book your appointment at any vaccine centre in the country and there are hundreds of them.
            Anecdotal evidence from a number of people I’ve suggested this ploy to over the last couple of months tells me there are far more vaccine slots available than people to fill them even with half a million people or more veing jabbed every day.

        2. wearnicehats

          …you go online and book an appointment…they will ask for your NHS number but many of us have done a stint in England and will have one…you must be one of the lucky ones who never had to migrate…

          By your logic I could if I wanted go to about 5 countries for the vaccine, including Northern Ireland. Unfortunately, you need to show a valid UK GP registration card when you arrive, which I don’t have

    2. Donald McCarthy

      Quietly, approaches are being made as word on the street sees Mary Lou winning an election only to be driven to the Four Courts with her rump of deplorables and the outraged howls of the privileged. Then we will beg, on our knees, as is traditional, an English gunboat captained by Captain Charger himself, to sail up the Liffey in the foggy dew and blow the bejebus out of them. Personally I wouldn’t trust Charger not to then train his guns southside and remove from the poop deck one smelly old queen who will be warmly welcomed back and the 100 year nightmare of independent theo-fascism will end. Speaking perfect Irish the queen will address her people from a donkey cart outside TCD. Thousands of protestants travelling from Tandragee, Kilkeel and Belfast, people who never heard a word of Irish in their lives will be confused, but will applaud nonetheless. A big storm caused by anthropogenic climate collapse will kill everybody.

    3. Charger Salmons

      Well said Ron.
      A small bit of gratitude and, if they’re AZ jabs, perhaps some recompense for the UK tapayers’ money spent on developing and producing the vaccine. wouldn’t go amiss.
      Time for Ireland to get off its knees and mature as a nation.

    4. Charger Salmons

      Charger’s Jab Jibber-Jabber™

      A Whammy Jabtastic™ sort of day with news that more than 30 million people in the UK have now received at least one vaccine – that’s 45% of the entire population.
      3,527,481 people have had both recommended doses – that’s 5.2% of the population.
      However, a delay in the delivery of a batch coming from the Serum Institute of India means that supplies will be lower from Monday, with ” only ” 400,000 jabs a day being given, mainly to the elderly needing a second dose.
      Dry your eyes mates …

  4. Steph Pinker

    Well, tickle me pink! I never knew BSHQ is in Barcelona; it explains the sunny disposition though :)

    1. Janet, chatty mammy

      I’d murder some tapas by the sea, a chilled red ( when in Spain ) and feck it I’d even swim in the sun cream slick beach in the town, followed by a nice sweaty siesta, how do I get off this island ! ;)

  5. The Bottler

    I see Booking.com is now adding “absconding” to their cancellation/refund options.

    1. Janet, chatty mammy

      I really miss hugging my Dad, we do a fun thing of sometimes turning it into a little feint and dodge box just to keep it not too mushy, makes it even sweeter when it’s just a plain hug

  6. Charger Salmons

    Of course it’s entirely proper that the UK should help out Ireland with any spare vaccines in the future.
    It’s why it’s being done through the COVAX programme specifically set up to support less developed countries unable to fend for themselves…

    1. Charlie

      Apparently North East London, most of Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle have been prioritized as the poverty situation is deemed more serious.

    2. Charlie

      Speaking of less developed countries. Big congrats today to India sending England packing to the boundary in the cricket yet again.

    3. scottser

      Less developed countries like Sudan, being squeezed by the UK to pay back exorbitant interest rates on crummy loans.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Like Ireland ?
        Thanks for that €700million interest by the way.
        Kerching Begorrah …

      2. Charlie

        Careful. He hangs on our every word. Such is the disposition of a very unhappy individual.

    1. Janet, chatty mammy

      christ that’s depressing,
      can she not be charged when she goes to cut off his gear if she has swig of whiskey first ?? ffs

    1. ce

      He was a big supporter of the green party in England until the early 90’s I believe and while an MEP was also involved in some wet lands preservation, I think?

      Shame he has to go to Holland to find work now he no longer has his MEP salary… I sure he’s looking forward to watching the Eton-Chav destroy eco regulations at home to revive the economy

      1. bisted

        …the green party seem to be a flag of convenience for more than just the Irish shower of charlatans and political opportunists…

        1. Donald McCarthy

          Everything is improved by putting “eco” in front of it. Everything from chambers to beaches.

        2. ce

          He got out when he felt things became more about wokeness/SJW than the environment

          Also, I wonder what was the carbon footprint of his Brexit Battlebus?

          1. Charger Salmons

            Er, it wasn’t his.
            The bus was chartered by Vote Leave.
            Farage didn’t have anything to do with the official Leave campaign and never stepped foot on the bus.

          2. bisted

            …whoever came up with the wheeze of brokering carbon off-sets deserves a bronze statue mounted on a plinth between the tooth fairy and santa inventers…those who try to make a virtue of this greenwashing probably already have their brass necks…

          3. ce

            “Er, it wasn’t his.
            The bus was chartered by Vote Leave.
            Farage didn’t have anything to do with the official Leave campaign and never stepped foot on the bus.”

            Yes, my mistake planes and helicopters, with a few transatlantic trips to see Dump… and… oh and there was the Vote leave bus but also this monstrosity: https://www.joe.ie/news/nigel-farage-trapped-brexit-bus-arrival-group-milkshakes-670012

            In fairness, he does seem to have a rechargeable Duracell Bunny vibe, good at banging the same drum over and over…

      2. Daisy Chainsaw

        I hope he has a work permit… or will his German passport circumvent rules for third country immigrants?

        1. Charger Salmons

          Your concern for Nigel’s wellbeing is very charming and all that but completely unnecessary.
          The Faragemeister understands more about EU laws and regulations than most which is why he was so successful with Brexit and why this firm want to pay him the big bucks for his knowledge of the arcane world of Brussels bureaucracy.
          It’s a nice little earner.

          1. ce

            Lord Farage of Squat –

            Very sad he won’t be Sir or Lord Farage – even the Eton-Chavs have standards as to who gets into the club

            Maybe with the German passport he can be von Farage… more chance of becoming King of England that way too, they like inviting Germans to rule them… maybe that’s his plan, marry a Saxe-Coburg …

          2. Rosette of Sirius

            Genuine British superstar, Sir Lewis Hamilton had a phenomenal day at the office today. Must truly widdle off those brexiteer little Englander types that he’s got his knighthood and poor oul Nige got nowt.

          1. Unreal

            I’d say you’re married to a lass whose father owns two sows and a transit … that’s how you came by your logistics knowledge right?

  7. Lilly

    Anyone know why the Corbett children’s evidence wasn’t admitted first time out in Molly Marten’s trial? And what has changed?

    1. Kate

      The children provided an a statement after the tragic death of their Dad in US. Then their Aunt Tracy flew out , and when they all arrived back to Limerick the children gave a totally different statement…..allegedly “coached ” to lie by the convicted party. No doubt welfare for them was also taken into account.

      1. Lilly

        Thanks Kate, that’s what I thought. What’s changed I wonder. If it was deemed inadmissible then, how did they manage to swing a retrial on the basis that it should have been admitted. The children were young and impressionable, they could easily have been coached. Maybe some new evidence has come to light.

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