Can Of Worms






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12 thoughts on “Can Of Worms

  1. John

    She must have a severe eye condition if she cant perceive objects that large in the field of view visible on a 10x zoom on an old phone camera with her naked eye.

  2. Commenter #1

    Now we’re talking.

    This is the good stuff.

    Nanotechnology in the masks.

    Ever wonder if this sort of stuff impacts negatively on the “serious” “journalism” that Broadsheet posts? Arguable!

  3. Dan

    Broadsheet rapidly descending into farce. Looking forward to the Flat Earth videos tomorrow, or maybe it will be George Soros controls our minds via nano-implants.

      1. Rosette of Sirius

        In the words of Trump acolyte, Sidney Powell, no reasonable person would believe etc.

  4. eoin

    These might be small horsehair worms or west African black worms. I saw a garden in Dublin full of them (blackworms I think?) one summer. They point half their body up in the air and sway. One of the weirdest, alien looking things I’ve ever seen. Never seen them before or since. Don’t leave your mask laying around in the garden.

  5. Gavin

    I love how everyone starts throwing around insults as a response with no alternate explanations, it’s probably nothing and certainly not nanotech FFS, but would you not at least like to know? If it’s as Eoin says ‘African black worms’ how are they getting into the mask and that’s pretty damn disgusting.

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