I Have You Covered [Updated]




John O’Dwyer (left), CEO of VHI, and Michael Cullen, CEO of the Beacon Hospital

This morning.

Good times.

Independent review into vaccine controversy at Beacon Hospital (RTÉ)

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48 thoughts on “I Have You Covered [Updated]

  1. ReproBertie

    The Oirish Daily Mail reports that “VHI boss John O’Dwyer, 63, who is due to retire this year, is understood to have received treatment for a serious illness at the Beacon Hospital previously.”

    According to the HSE, one of the groups currently being vaccinated are those aged 16-69 who are at very high risk. The full list of illnesses that class a person as “at very high risk” is here: https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/39038-provisional-vaccine-allocation-groups/#aged-16-69-and-at-very-high-risk-of-severe-covid-19-disease

    2+2 = sleazy corruption?

    1. Rob_G

      I have a friend working in a non-clinical role in healthcare who got the jab as part of her job – even though it’s a non-clinical role, she has to have meetings in hospital offices sometimes. Seems like manufactured outrage.

      1. Cian

        Yeah, the maintenance staff in (at least one of) the hospitals have been jabbed too – they aren’t clinical care, but are out working in the public areas and are at-risk.

      1. ReproBertie

        Back at work from home while being treated for cancer.

        He is “at very High Risk” as per the HSE definition.

          1. ReproBertie

            And is he “ actively receiving (and/or within 6 weeks of receiving) systemic therapy with cytotoxic chemotherapy, targeted therapy, monoclonal antibodies or immunotherapies and radical surgery or radiotherapy for lung or head and neck cancer.”?

  2. Micko

    Once again we see it was never about protecting others.

    It’s all about looking after number one.

    What a joke

  3. John

    Is anyone surprised at this. If the beacon are going to vaccinate the teachers in the school the CEOs kids go to, then they are going to vaccinate their buddies too.
    As the VHI provide medical services directly through their swiftcare clinics, I am surprised he couldnt have accessed the vaccine through there.

    And the statement in the tweet about “VHI which buys private medical services from the Beacon”. In fairness thats just trying to sensationalize things a bit more. VHI buys private medical services from all hospitals in the state including state hospitals.

  4. SB

    He is currently fighting a serious illness and qualifies for vaccination. This is gutter press reporting and Broadsheet is giving the Daily Mail story oxygen. Last week, people said the unused vaccines should have gone to vulnerable Beacon patients instead. That’s all that happened here.

  5. Charger Salmons

    What stinks is that as we enter April people who are 60+ still have no idea when they’ll be vaccinated even as scientists ominously warn of another wave of infections and deaths.
    And the government still has no clue about a route map out of the current malaise.
    It is a failure of government and a national humiliation, especially as the vaccine rollout in another part of this island is being turbo-charged.
    Good luck to the VHI man who called in a few favours.
    The individual has to look after themself when faced with massive governmental ineptitude.
    You want to wait your turn until some unspecific time later this year ? Good luck with that.
    If the EU and the BOGOF Taoisigh hadn’t been so incompetent you wouldn’t be here now hoping the UK storms ahead with its rollout so the quicker they complete it the sooner Ireland might get a few leftover jabs at the bottom of the bin.

    1. paul

      The UK should probably be trying to find a second dose to stick their patients with rather than Boris’ plan of himself doing the sticking.

  6. Otis Blue

    I have it on good authority that DOB himself administered the dose directly to O’Dwyer. No mask either. That’s the real scandal!

    1. Donald McCarthy

      Latest medical reports suggest lizard-skin is highly resistant to covid so no mask required.

  7. eoin

    The real headline should read ‘Look anti vaxxers, even the head of the VHI is willing to bend the rules to get the jab’. I wish this made me feel better about the safety of these jabs, but until the media/state address the concerns raised directly, I just can’t. Actual bona fide experts have put their reputations on the line to sound the alarm about the jabs…and they are ignored. Seriously, is nobody even remotely concerned by this? Concerned by the fact they’re, at best, being completely ignored or, at worst ridiculed and even fired?

    1. f_lawless

      I was thinking along the same lines – if anything, these kinds of stories as front page news serve as branding for the vaccines. If us plebs perceive that the more privileged in society are being given preferential access to the vaccines, then we’re more likely to want in on this exclusive club

      1. paddy apathy

        Of course you were thinking along the same lines. You’re only one of the chosen few that can see the conspiracy behind the conspiracy. Maith thú.

        1. f_lawless

          Dumb down the discourse as you wish but I was warning of the current sh!t show we now find ourselves in with vaccine passports and the looming biosecurity surveillance state since way back when you were still a wide-eyed passionate paddy :P

      2. bisted

        …the pity is that there are so few anti-vaxxers who will be declining their jab when they are eventually called…even mask wearing may not be necessary when the number immunised grows…how will we recognise you brave ratlickers…could I suggest you all wear bells round your neck…your parish priests should be able to organise these…

        1. f_lawless

          How does it feel to contemplate that if you had been a member of German society back in the 1930-40s you would have most likely been one of those zieg heiling with arm proudly aloft at any given opportunity while in your spare time helping the SS to round up the likes of Anne Frank?

          I tweaked you comment ever so slightly to make the point

          “…the pity is that there are so few anti-vaxxers Jews who will be declining their jab when they are eventually called…even mask wearing may not be necessary when the number immunised grows…how will we recognise you brave ratlickers Jewish vermin…could I suggest you all wear bells round your neck…your parish priests should be able to organise these…”

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            I agree. Being forced to wear a mask is EXACTLY THE SAME as being forced on a train to Belsen.

          2. bisted

            …hahah…the one thing I know that I’m totally immune to, it’s anti-semitic slurs…suggest you have a word with your mates that you are so fond of videoing if you are looking for facists…in fairness though, you got the vermin part right…

          3. f_lawless

            @Daisy The Nazi party instilled a fear of contamination from “the other” into the German general public. They used dehumanising language to whip up hatred and to scapegoat the Jewish community – comparing them to vermin, spreaders of disease, that should be ostracised from the rest of society.

            By regularly indulging in a similar kind of discourse, to me, you both give off the impression of being propagandised, angry and resentful individuals looking to lash out at others. There’s some validity in making comparisons with what happened in Nazi era Germany without reflexively resorting to the Godwin’s Law meme every time. As this quote below puts it, reducing the role of comparison to equation (A=B rather than A∝B) is to misuse the meme.

            “While Godwin has stated that the purpose of his experiment was rhetorical and pedagogical, and that he wanted people to ‘think a bit harder about the Holocaust’ before making glib comparisons; one of its effects has been to do the opposite: first, by reducing the role of comparison to equation (A=B rather than A∝B); and second, by removing the Third Reich from its political, juridical and historical contexts, and turning it into an incomparable act of apolitical, criminal and ahistorical ‘evil’, in the face of which we must stand in horror and silent reverence for its victims, but from which we must not dare to learn, lest in doing so we dare to compare anything to it, and thereby fall foul of Godwin’s Law.”


            By the way, I don’t bear any grudges. Sure, it’s a bit tiresome at times and maybe it’s not wise of me to engage, might be only feeding your unhealthy emotions, but I do find the two of you quite interesting – from a psychological perspective at least.

  8. Donald McCarthy

    May I once again remind people that we live in a representative kleptocracy in which any person showing the slightest sign of integrity or decency would simply be unelectable. Occasional stragglers losing their deposit hardly merit mention.

    1. Boj

      “representative kleptocracy” you say?
      I like to call it a charade, that’s what we’re all living now.

  9. gringo

    The private medicine queue-jumping system has become rich on the back of publicly funded hospitals and equipment, and using publicly owned vaccine for a gang of queue-jumping teachers is all in a days work. In fact, this was not a random act of corruption as they had a further group lined up, from the same private school, for further `spare` vaccines.

  10. seanydelight

    If the VHI guy is sick or not is not the issue. Was he called personally and offered it, or arranged through the vaccination scheme?

    1. ReproBertie

      It is precisely the issue. As he is sick there was nothing underhand or corrupt in him getting the vaccine.

      1. paul

        Everyone who has mentioned the VHI lad getting his jab near me today has been informed of his ill health and how he is supposed to get it, nobody seems keen to be less annoyed. We love an aul chip on the shoulder.

  11. Daisy Chainsaw

    Even wealthy CEOs and mates of the Beacon get cancer and are entitled to get the jab before you do.

    Typical of the Daily Heil. Starts off with a good story and then runs it into the ground with sensationalised, unfounded claims for sales and clickbait.

    I’m surprised they haven’t managed to inveigle Meghan Markle into this yet.

    1. Rosette of Sirius

      And it so disappointing that the more appropriately named Bullsheet amplifies such sensationalised dross.

  12. Krusty McToolbox

    At least we’re not talking about the Leo being under investigation by the Gardaí..

  13. GiggidyGoo

    So the VHI guy steps aside, while the Beacon guy (commandeering vaccines – actually bordering on stealing them) has a good old laugh and remains in situ?

  14. Donald McCarthy

    Godwin’s Law is not actually a law but more commonly regarded as an anti-semitic trope invoked by holocaust deniers to shut down any mention of an historical event they are too cowardly to deny. But you probably knew that and if you didn’t, well you do now.

      1. Donald McCarthy

        Commonly regarded by intelligent and compassionate people so obviously not by you with your track record of kissing up and kicking down.

  15. goldenbrown

    daily mail has made a complete balls of this

    they had the Gerards + Ferrari-driving Beacon pair of old school ties by the blx (and rightly so) but now they’ve just gone and blown it in their greedy enthusiasm

    tell ya if I was getting cancer treatment and I had some sort of fortunate inside track on getting the C19 vaccine into me I’d be on it like a light and I wouldn’t give a fupp what you or anyone else thinks, lánstad

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