14 thoughts on “Portomello

  1. eoin

    It’s a wonder they didn’t get baton charged by the cops. Maybe Gardai are starting to get sick of trying to enforce crazy anti scientific regulations? There’s a lot of authority figures talking about enforcing masks and experimental vaccines for years to come. Good luck with that.

  2. Cormac B

    Yet another example of the selfish Irish mindset in action. 14 more deaths in Ireland today, and 368 new cases, but the people in the picture here don’t care. They’re having their fun, and that’s all that matters.

  3. rebel yell

    and in the world nphet and the Govt live in we can meet 1 other person outdoors from April 12th

  4. Diddy

    How is this allowed to continue year In year out? Drinking by the canal? Drinking by the canal with no public toilets.?

  5. Stella

    Power to them… the transmission rate in sunny outdoor settings is minuscule. Feel bad for young people losing out on some formative years. Now we just wait until the 26th when all schools have been back 2 weeks and they blame the rise in cases on outside Easter cans.

  6. Unreal

    I bet they all went home and rode each other as well
    With them big black dildos. Disgusting

  7. Jack D

    There can be a back and forth debate on Covid restrictions and the people in the photos.
    What isn’t debatable is the state of the canals and the amount of cans lining the bottom of it in those areas.
    Some smart-arse will say there should be more bins there.
    I say if you can bring the cans there, you can take them effin’ home to dispose of them.
    It is disgusting.

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