Behold: The Humble One  – a conceptual electric SUV with 7.5m² of proprietary photovoltaic cells built into the roof, sidelights, doors and (yet to be revealed but necessarily sizeable) ’wings’ that will fold out from the car when it’s parked.

The solar panels add up to 100km of additional range, giving the 1020bhp car a full-charge reach of 800km.

According to the manufacturer, production starts in 2024 and the One will cost around €93,000.


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12 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

        1. Rosette of Sirius

          Cobalt is used beyond batteries.

          Conflict minerals has been a challenge for years and the daily use of everyday semiconductor in smart devices, PCs and general consumer electronics is more problematic than what is used in BEVs.

          The cheaper the device, the bigger the problem.

          1. goldenbrown

            hm. sure. cobalt used in all sorts of stuff, iPhones to laptops to the fanblades in aircraft engines. but the EV game has pushed that mining sector to a level way past where it had been previously

            curious, how do you ascertain that the other stuff is more problematic for cobalt than saint Elon’s activities? (and all those other liion battery packs being pushed on us in other EV’s, the scooters? ebikes? dysons? powertools? have you data to support that? not having a go just interested.
            lookit all I know is musk is still doing deals for the stuff. and I’m a helluva long way from being convinced a Tesla is anything but a virtuous status trophy and I’ve been around long enough to know a good marketing wheeze when I see one.


          2. Rosette of Sirius

            You can’t just pigeon-hole BEVs as the problem just because the extraction and of rare earth elements and is dirty. Of course it’s dirty. As it is with fossil fuels which in the long run is even dirtier when you factor in the activities of the entire petro-chemical industry.

            Cradle to grave, electric vehicles offset their overall footprint when you factor in REEs used in production and the energy to build and propel the vehicle – on average – after about 2 years with respect to a traditional thermal vehicle.

            Both are not however a long term solution for sustainable transportation however. That is clear. But in the absence of an alternate right now, and with technology improving right along the process, BEVs are the future for as long as we have one. They’re also a bag load of fun. And no I don’t have a Tesla!

          3. Rosette of Sirius

            Battery Electric Vehicle. As in it is only propelled by battery. The other main variant is a PHEV or plug in hybrid electric vehicle.

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