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  1. Cian

    I have to say that Boris looks well in his new media centre. 2.4million well spent. Lovely flags.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Flagism is the new Black… err blue.

      Almost unbelievable that he was in the ICU with Covid this time last year.


      1. Cú Chulainn

        Ha, quite so.. sure, he hardly needed to get vaccinated.. His hair has remarkable recovery properties as well. Able to self cut and dye.. and those flags.. suit you sir..

  2. Charger Salmons

    Hartlepool by-election today and the Times polling predicts a comfortable win for the Tories in what has been a solid Labour seat since the Sixties.
    The sitting Labour MP resigned over sexual harassment allegations.
    Bad news for Sir Kneel-a-lot although unsurprising considering the constituency voted heavily in favour of Brexit and Starmer spent three years trying to overturn the result.
    Another brick in Labour’s red wall comes loose as the Boris Bounce continues.

    1. Charger Salmons

      Apologies – I made a rare error.
      Probably on account of being slightly squiffy.
      The by-election is on May 6th not April 6th.
      The Tories have opened up a seven point lead in the former seat of Labour’s Peter Mandleson.

  3. Steph Pinker

    Tánaiste: fully vaccinated to get more freedom. Taoiseach: behave*.

    * MM has been telling us for months to ‘behave’, otherwise our ‘freedom’ (according to Varadkar) will be taken from us, as if it hasn’t already – this is the language used to keep us all in our cages; does no one else have a problem with this?

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Yeah Steph, it’s a throwback to a catholic school education.. FF are a product of it and they continue to behave just like it.. it’s a nonsense approach but as the vast bulk of the population are ignoring government, moving about but taking care, maybe it’s another nail in coffin of small minded catholic Ireland.

    2. E'Matty

      If you’re really really good, and don’t misbehave, Leo will treat you to some extra freedoms. Won’t that be nice? Leo treating our Constitutional rights and freedoms like smarties to be passed out to the good kids in the class at his choosing. Unfortunately for us, there are quite a lot of brown nosers, snitches and teacher’s pets in Irish society. And still, nobody has actually explained what the point of the vaccine cert being proposed actually is? Something along the lines of gold stars for teacher’s pets, or punishment for naughty schoolchildren, from what I can gather. Kind of like the Chinese citizen social credit system. It doesn’t appear to have any Covid related function anyway.

      On a more positive note, it was clear over the weekend that a sizeable proportion of the population are just ignoring the fear and hysteria now and returning to normal life in as far as possible. The Gardai also appear to have been told to say the following when they have any member of the public not responding to their instructions. It’s a Garda HQ brainwave obviously because quite a few of them came out with it over the weekend “Do you not believe in Covitt?” The Virus now up there with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Something one has to “believe” in.

      1. goldenbrown

        re. Varadker

        “There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about” – Oscar Wilde

        more spin than a zanussi

      2. bisted

        …Mattie!!!….where have you been…Bodger has parachuted this guy called David in…got his own column and telly slot…makes you sound deferential…poor John Ryan couldn’t get a word in edgeways last time…the only hope is his podcasts are getting longer…remember what happened Leather Jacket Guy…anyway, David used the last 15 minutes to deliver an ecumenical message that sounded like an Easter message from the Iona Institute…I know we’re not worthy Mattie but it’s a relief to see you…

  4. Charger Salmons

    Glorious putdown from The Wire writer David Simon during a Twitter spat with Piers Morgan after his interview with Fox’s Tucker Carlson.

    ” In an ocean of talking-head sewage, what are the chances that the two most pouty and puckered assholes in broadcast television would ever swim through the brown, find each other, and discuss the events of the day? ”

    And there’s more.

    ” You’re unemployed and if it was a Tijuana cathouse and you had a fistful of fifties, you still couldn’t get laid at TW or anywhere else over here. Not after that pratfall you did at CNN.”

    That’s why he’s paid the big bucks.


  5. Johnny

    …there just does seem to be a very,very coordinated and determined effort,to fund desperately needed US infrastructure with,with….taxes on US corporate profits…….not exactly groundbreaking stuff,the irish reaction to mentioning taxing corporate profits,starkly illustrates Ireland’s role under FF/FG as a tax haven.

    Why does US companies,finally paying tax as they should have such a negative impact on Ireland,the place is falling apart,the electricity grid is not fit for purpose,we grow off grid,one the biggest divides is health inequality recently badly exposed,companies needs pay tax,FF/FF needs stop enabling them.

    Resistance is futile.


    ‘The framework released by Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden (Ore.) and fellow tax writers Sherrod Brown (Ohio) and Mark Warner (Va.) generally agrees with what the administration proposed last week when it called for a host of tax hikes on corporations, though it differs on several points and includes additional details.’

    H/t Politico.

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