Sadly two of those featured, Michael Lowry and Denis O’Brien, are both still with us.

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12 thoughts on “Dial Back

  1. Charger Salmons

    DOB was bang on the money about the ubiquity and size of mobile ‘phones.
    Maybe that’s why he’s such a great Irish business success story as well as being a busy media entrepreneur.

  2. Johnny

    John Kehoe absolutely bringing it to O’Brien and killing,his pump and dump schemes and dreams,yeah the 90’s called,such a old play,he’s no game anymore nada.

    Link below.’

    Digicel’s business has been challenged by a lack of foreign tourists travelling to the Pacific during COVID-19, which has undermined its high-margin international roaming services.

    Returns are much more modest from local villagers recharging their mobile phones, especially when the economy is struggling and locals don’t have much money.

    Digicel Group’s global debt is about $US5.4 billion ($7.09 billion) after a restructuring deal agreed by bondholders last year wrote off about $US1.7 billion.

    The company’s accounts suggest that its Pacific business owes a more modest $US80 million, with a cash flow of $US230 million in the year to March 31, 2020.

    O’Brien needs to get breathing space from Digicel Group’s secured bondholders who are owed a significant payment by around July 2022.


    Now what Dennis?

      1. Johnny

        …a while back i was late home from somewhere i should not have been,ran into a good friend and neighbor,after exchanging a few pleasantries in the lobby, bringing him up speed on my evenings activities,i said gotta dash..shower….coffee and baileys and a nice bump,hit the office…he laughed saying very loudly and somewhat chillingly …oh you cant wash THAT dirt away no matter how long you stay in the shower…

        i never shook him saying that,haunted me all day and what with crashing down… 4 o’clock could not come fast enough.

        what price is a clean pair hands,its priceless to be respected,work on a cool team,do amazing things,its been an awful long time since he was or had a good team,its all second rate talent in third world countries,stealing pennies from poor people yuck,can’t imagine any smurfit grads fighting to join Digi….unlike say Stripe.

        all the charity work in the world won’t was that dirt away:)

        1. scottser

          you know johnny, your posts would be a lot easier to read if you learned how to use punctuation. ‘…’ is not a substitute for a full stop, a comma, quotation marks or a semi-colon.

          1. Johnny

            I know,if only,I might get a regular column around here,in the meantime,I’m going stay baked and growing,it’s 5,000 a pound now,New York is about get out and get lit.

            Some murderous beats the sounds off the streets,skin up Scottie,the vax is overrated…:)


  3. chimpy

    Your man taking the phone off yer one when going into the restaurant. Could you imagine. Get yur hands off it frenchy.

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