‘Brutalised By The Irish State’


Yesterday afternoon.

A confrontation between Gardai and relatives of George Nlkencho, who was shot dead by armed officers last January.


This morning.

Statement from Fingal councillor John Burtchaell

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20 thoughts on “‘Brutalised By The Irish State’

    1. Tony

      The most important thing is to glance at the headline, concentrate on the screeching and then quickly form an opinion

      1. ian-oG

        Damn straight Tony, but what side to take?

        I’m going to blame Brexit for now – it’s the safe option.

  1. Junkface

    Yes, its almost impossible to understand what happened, the camera footage is unwatchable and very shaky. Better to wait and see if there is anything that helps clarify the incident.

  2. Bertie blenkinsop

    The Gardai were made aware that this was the Nkencho home and should have withdrawn at this point.

    On what basis?

    1. Bort

      Should the Nkencho be considered a no go area now for the Gardai? Nonsense statement. The same letter also statement the Mother interfered with with an arrest

  3. Charger Salmons

    Racist Ireland.
    It’s a terrible sight.
    Time to mature as a country and accept immigration and the benefits it brings.

  4. Junkface

    It does seem that there are other political and media forces at work here trying to create division and stoke up hatred between communities. I hope they stop.

  5. lorcan

    The Gardai were made aware that this was the Nkencho home and should have withdrawn at this point.


    Also, I see white Gardai in this video behaving as they should and several black people behaving deplorably

  6. Termagant

    Why were they following the teens in the car in the first place?
    Why do this particular family keep coming into contact with the gardai?

  7. John F

    The way the video is cut is problematic. Really end truly person would need to see video footage from one or 2 minutes before the incident through to one or 2 minutes after the incident to form a firmer opinion.
    It’s reasonable to assume that the footage is not supportive of the narrative of oppression. The poster is trying to paint.
    It’s also not surprising that far left politicians are all over this like flies on dung!

  8. Bort

    The full video or extended video is already doing the rounds and it doesn’t paint the picture this letter does

    1. Charger Salmons

      Aye – context is everything.
      And any charges that might be brought.
      Or are the cops faced with that age-old choice of charging someone or letting them go to prevent any further rise in tension ?

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