23 thoughts on “We’ll Have Your Finest Scampi

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Air conditioning will keep your children fresh? Were they expecting a lot of cannibals on these trains then?

    1. ce

      “Were they expecting a lot of cannibals on these trains then?” No but there’s plenty today

  2. U N M U T U A L

    “Why not have a boozy working lunch on the stupor-train”
    said Tomás the tanked engine…

  3. goldenbrown

    more of this internet time wasting Reeling in the years crossed with Harry Enfield Know Your Place type stuff please Broadsheet

    I’ll have a poke around the attic see what I can find

    back in my schooldays it used to be a huge thing to write in to the likes of the ESB explaining that you were doing a project on this or that and could you have some information sent please…..would be fierce competition going on amongst us to see who could get the most “stuf” out of a crowd like logo’d stickers, posters, pens and the like. was always some smartarse in the class who’s da worked for some fancy american crowd and got his hands on holy grail items to show off etc. nice simpler times. I’ll check the attic, I might have some Aer Lingus or B&I Line crap or….fairly sure there’s a CRC Clinic Magazine Jimmy Saville Special up there in the jungle pile somewhere lol

    1. scottser

      jaysus, you’re bringing me back there GB.
      a few years ago i cleaned out my bedroom over at the ma’s and found loads of fan club memberships from the comics of the day – beano, dandy, whizzer & chips, roy of the rovers, 2000ad, shoot. i couldn’t throw them away, so back up to the top shelf of the wardrobe they went. as i convinced myself ‘they might be worth something some day’, or ‘the kids might like them’, i could literally feel my hair turning grey..

      1. Tarfton Clax

        Yup. Still a few hundred 2000AD’s in my Folk’s attic. and possibly a Warlord Comic or two. I seem to remember being in the fanclub for “Fireball”, the young Hip sideburned/Moustaschio’d nephew of “Lord Peter Flint” of said Warlord Comic fame.

        It struck me later that it was a weird thing that so many Irish children of the ’70’s whose parents were staunch Republicans were reading Battle Action/warlord etc war comics about heroic British WW II exploits 30 or 35 years after it ended.
        There was even one about a Russian Soldier “Johnny Red” and I think I remember one about a “Good” German soldier too but I may be imagining that.

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    Rosslare train only hits about 60Kph. 160k in 3 hours, but it could be worse because the bus journey takes 4 hours. Four Hours to travel 100 miles in the 21st century!

    1. goldenbrown

      stop the lights Daisy, that Wexford train service is unreal
      but I’ll tell ya something, it’s the one place I’d run a TGV type line to
      Wexford is so vast and empty, so many derelict towns, in 10 years you could have the housing crisis solved

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Those towns aren’t derelict. The houses are second holiday homes that are left empty for about 40 weeks of the year.

        1. goldenbrown

          lol yes there certainly is that alright

          but what about the likes of New Ross? sure half of the town centre is abandoned. investment in a proper trainline, industry and housing….for me linking Dublin and Wexford is a no-brainer

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            New Ross doesn’t have a train line or station. They’re not going to put one in.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            They’d have to put down an entire new line Dublin to Wexford almost. The line is too close to the sea in some areas, and runs beside the Slaney in other areas. That’s why there’s a slow speed limit on it – the rails aren’t trustworthy and are on what could be unstable ground.

            Gorey is far from derelict – its thriving and bustling. Many dubs came here. The bypass actually helped it thrive, as well as the addition of an early morning commuter train to Dublin. Arklow is a different story though. The bypass did nothing for it, and the town centre is almost dead now.

            New Ross had a train service to Waterford at one stage. Shut down a few decades ago. Waterford had a service directly to Cork too, but they closed that, and dismantled the bridge over the Suir. Now if you want to travel to Cork by train, from Waterford you have to go (I think) Waterford – Limerick Junction – Mallow – Cork. 3 hours 32 minutes 121km

            All of this current train porn is probably to do with Inda Kenny’s flatulence-filled exploits.

          3. Otis Blue

            A 24km Greenway along the old rail line linking Waterford and New Ross is currently being developed. It’ll open next year and is designed to link to the successful Waterford Greenway, westwards to Dungarvan and northwards to St. Mullins in Carlow. The 650m Mount Elliott Tunnel, outside New Ross, is a key feature and will host a new Augmented Reality installation for visitors.

            There are also plans to create a Greenway on the spur line to Rosslare.

          4. goldenbrown

            that’s how the likes of the TGV works tho….

            they tend to avoid retrofits of existing lines, easier and better to carve entirely brand new ones

            Ross would be a fab place to drop a line into with a regional spur over to Waterford and Wexford town, refit the Duncannon line open up that whole swathe of coastal area, fantasy football I know but…

            god yeah, that Kenny program was Partridge level, wasn’t it? would love to know how much taxpayers money he got for that dirge

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