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CIÉ refreshment bar, Harcourt Street Station, Dublin 2.

They made a foamy mocha latte to die for.

That’s the torture room.

Ticket office, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1 in the early Sixties.

A literal vintage Dublin Bus porn hub.


They’re still waiting.

Of these shots of Connolly Station, Dublin 1 from the late 1990s artist and photographer Thomas Fitzgerald writes:

“I wasn’t living in the city. I was working in Dublin, but still commuting from my home town of Wicklow. As such I spent a lot of time getting the train from Connolly station. While it was part of my daily routine at the time, I can’t believe how strange it looks now. Since these shots were taken the station has undergone a major refurbishment, and of course, the Luas tram system now stops there also.”

The Streets of Dublin Part 1 (StreetsofDublin)

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Pics: Thomas Fitzgerald