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Rory & The Island – Miss This

Is this the lockdown anthem of the year?

Former Revs frontman Rory Gallagher has made a heart-wrenching video that contrasts the vibrant life we once knew to the current housebound existence we now find ourselves in.

Rory says:

“It was a simple concept of creating a contrast between old images of normal lively scenes of life such as music festivals, gigs, football games and busy cafes etc against the backdrop of being stuck indoors with my family during lockdown just waiting around and trying to pass the time without going insane.

“I filmed it on my phone and just edited it all together with old footage I had on memory sticks. My two sons – Aidan (5) and Shay (2) – played their parts perfectly and deserve an MTV award. Strangely when I watched it back a week later it looked and sounded less like a lockdown video and more like a mid-life crisis! I hope this flaw makes it timeless, haha.”

Nick says: Great story, Rory.

Rory & The Island

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