17 thoughts on “Jammers

  1. Paulus

    Fiat 127
    Ford Fiesta
    Opel Cavalier hatch
    Renault 4
    Mazda 323 OR Nissan Sunny?
    Toyota Corrola
    Fiesta and VW Beetle in foreground

    1. goldenbrown

      another great oul photo!
      that magnolia hatch 3rd in from the left is an Opel Ascona
      the one inside the R4L is a Mazda 323F (the F stood for “familia” if I remember right) near identical to a Sunny from that distance but I’m going 323 because of the grill/badge layout and the clunkier headlamps
      disappointed there isn’t a dark brown car amongst them, most 80’s photos have one in there somewhere :)

      1. U N M U T U A L

        True. There aren’t enough gravy brown, foghat grey or marrowfat pea green cars these days.
        United Colours of Penitent, was the style of the day.

      2. Paulus

        Yes, in Ireland the Opel Ascona is more likely, though it’s nearly identical to it’s sister Vaux Cavalier. As for brown cars, there was a dull shade which could have been called Franciscan’s Habit. I rem Ford tried to jazz up brown by going metallic, Tawny Brown I think.

        1. goldenbrown

          though colours aren’t always as straightforward as they seem

          their success/failure seems to hang very much on the motor wearing it

          I see a good few current era cars painted in this yuck flat barely grey off-white shade (I call it “undercoat”)….usually basic family yokes

          but put that same colour on something interesting like a RS6 estate or an i30N and it’s a different ballgame

  2. Gabby

    Renault 4 was my first car – economical on fuel, but a bit light when caught in crosswinds on an open road.

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