What Were You Inking?



[Alt pop star] Grimes has burnished her otherworldly reputation with a large back tattoo of what she calls “beautiful alien scars.”

Grimes has had her eyes on cosmic horizons all 2021, recently claiming she’d be willing to travel to Mars “after age 50” even if it required “manual labour until death.” She also vowed to get one of her partner Elon Musk’s brain chips, saying, “We’ll have the knowledge of the Gods.”

Fair enough.

Grimes Shows Off New Tattoo of “Beautiful Alien Scars” (COS)

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12 thoughts on “What Were You Inking?

  1. D-troll

    shame about her. she is very talented at music going on her visions album. she needs a figure in her life that will look after her. something that britney needed and amy winehouse lacked.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Very space peacock. Would prefer them in colour myself, but I won’t be getting ink that big done.

    1. paul


      I did have the ‘privilege’ of going through his photo book a few years back and I thought, “he’s just a kid, I can’t call this thing a load of boopy bloopers”. Now I can.

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