Bangladesh-born Centra manager Akram Hussein, who died after chasing a shoplifter from his Drumcondra store

This morning.

Bereavement fund here.

Last week: “I’ve Never Seen Anything Like The Love People Have Had For Akram”

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10 thoughts on “Loved By All

  1. Kdoc

    The good people of Drumcondra are a a fine example of a caring Ireland. Their show of respect for Akram and his family is in stark contrast to the hate-filled racists who have been protesting on our streets every week for the last year.

    1. E'Matty

      You’ll find it’s exactly the same people and no, the anti lockdown protests are not far right racists but ordinary working and middle class Irish men and women like these here.

      1. U N M U T U A L

        Stop making sense. Some protests are better than others… antifa showed up to the right2water protests back in the day.., Ironically… Haven’t you heard? the fash walk around all dressed in black telling people what to do, whereas antifa… sumtin, sumtin…

      2. Kdoc

        That may be true for some participants in the protests, but certainly not for those who direct them. The lockdown has been a blessing for the far-right; it has raised their profile and increased their membership. As restrictions are gradually lifted they will return to their usual agenda: anti immigration, anti refugee, anti 5g and anti whatever you’re having yourself.

  2. Frank

    en route from Drumcondra to Bangladesh? tell the hearse driver to avoid the Swords road at all costs

    1. Fergalito

      Flesh and blood reality.

      A world apart from the artificial social media void that purports to reflect a mob mentality – it does not.

      I’m sure this man was a fine fellow to have encouraged such a mark of respect. May he rest in peace.

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