Shots In The Dark



Tuam campaigner Breeda Murphy, adoptee and activist Eunan Duffy and lawyer Frank Brehany, whose father was a Tuam adoptee, discuss the possibly of a class action lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies who tested on children in clinical trials in Mother and Baby homes.

There were at least 13 vaccine trials carried out on more than 43,000 children, according to the Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation. None of the mothers gave consent

And, as there was no follow up on the long-term health of those subjected to the trials, the commission was allowed to state:

“There is no evidence of injury to the children involved as a result of the vaccines.”

This is the 15th in a series of shows with Breeda, Eunan and Frank looking at all aspects of the Mother and Baby Home Commission of Investigation report. They can be viewed here.


Philomena Lee among five given leave to challenge mother and baby homes report (irish Times)

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Pics: RTÉ

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22 thoughts on “Shots In The Dark

  1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    well done for continuing to expose the crimes against these people

    1. U N M U T U A L

      It might explain the sealing of the records during the current ’emergency’. Wellcome to ireland™.

  2. eamonn

    You would have to wonder who made the first approach ?
    Was it Pharma, “Oh ,I hear you have a batch of disenfranchised, uncared for, even unworthy souls, mind if we test our product”
    Or did it come the other way, “Hello Mr Pharma, Oh I know it must be difficult to locate a raft of voiceless innocents as a test base, we might be able to help with that”….
    either way my blood goes cold, before it boils at the thoughts of this abuse.
    Fair play to Broadsheet for helping to keep this conversation alive.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      My money’s on the latter. Nothing like religious orders for making money out of the “unworthy”

      1. eamonn

        Possibly, but if it is the same Pharma who thought It fine to use detainees in the Nazi concentration camps as test subjects, it is hard to put it past them either – either way not a moral compass between them.
        Suffer Little Children

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          I’m sure the nuns had a supply of signed forms giving permission for testing in the same way they had permission for adoption ie coersion or forgery.

          God’s will eh?

  3. E'Matty

    Ah, the merry tales of State and Big Pharma collusion in acts of inhumane criminality. But hey guys, they really really care about you all, especially the weak and vulnerable. But of course, its outrageous that anyone would dare question the integrity of our State health bodies or the major Pharma corporations when they have such an exemplary track record. Only crazy “conspiracy theorists” and “anti vaxxers” do this. In other news, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine now seems to be causing these weird blood clots too, so that’s three of the major vaccines we know of now. Anyone questioning vaccine safety and the rush to market with these vaccines is being vindicated by the day.

    1. Frank Brehany

      Hello Andrew – The short answer is potentially, yes you can – Note Rules 1 & 9 in Order 15 at this link: – They are known as representative actions usually factored through test cases. Every Jurisdiction has a different approach, for example, in the North, they are known as ‘Joinders’. There is also a political sensitivity to the scope of ‘class-actions’ and quite possibly some resistance through a legal culture? Hope that helps – Frank

        1. Frank Brehany

          Andrew, thanks again – As you may realise I touched on the ‘EU Class-Action Directive’ in the broadcast. I was aware of this because of my other work but had lost sight of it. The Directive passed into Law in November 2020 and has to be implemented by Member States by 2023. The Directive empowers EU Citizens to take action as a collective against commercial entities across borders. It creates good opportunities for Consumers. On this subject matter, it may, and I stress may, become relevant if an argument is made that those subject to medical trials are in fact Consumers. Commercial entities will have something to say about that, but there is an analogy against people being given something which the medical company knew was detrimental to health. The Qs of profit and benefit also stand out clearly because you cannot divide the victims in this case from the rest of the popn, whatever about the consent issues I spoke to. The primary route, if Irish Lawyers chose to take it, is to create the potential for a ‘representative action’ via Order 15; the Directive may eventually come into play. The Directive IMO will also put pressure on Member States to recognise more widely the desire by Citizens to join in with a class-action and factor that into their legal systems. An example of that is found in Eng & Wales – In the meantime, Art 6 of the ECHR swirls around this whole subject matter! Frank

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    “There is no evidence of injury to the children involved as a result of the vaccines.” (Cos we didn’t look for any)

    1. E'Matty

      Hey, who are you and what have you done with Daisy? “Daisy” posting something that sounds exactly like the kind of thing a “conspiracy theorist, ratlicker, anti vaxxer” might say. You question vaccine safety, and the honesty of the State and pharma companies all in one go. How can it possibly be that you and I are actually in agreement on this? This feels weird.

  5. K. Cavan

    It’s impossible not to draw comparisons between the abuse perpetrated on the Innocents in these homes & the current tests being carried out on the Irish public. Terrified by the media, bullied & threatened by the Government & the State, they are as vulnerable as those children were & are subject to the ministrations of an even more avaricious, politically powerful & corrupt version of Big Pharma. I don’t think many people realise how the PPP concept has allowed these drug companies become financial backers for National & International Drug Licencing Authorities that most people would assume are independent or State-run. If you investigate this “system”, it’s impossible to draw a line between Big Pharma & Statutory Health Authorities. Musical chairs at the top & billions in lobbying have led to widespread corruption, especially around vaccinations, which are so hugely profitable that their efficacy fades into insignificance. Vaccines have had a negligible effect on Public Health, compared to clean water supplies & sewage systems, for example, they’re not the all-conqouring, world-saving, medical miracles of journalists’ dreams.

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