Sikh And Destroy


Reginald Dyer?

Sir Michael O’Dwyer?

Amritsar massacre

12 thoughts on “Sikh And Destroy

    1. paul

      he wouldn’t come out of it well so I doubt he’ll take the stand. That said, he’s stooped plenty low before so…

    2. Charger Salmons

      Funnily enough UNMUTUAL Lady Charger is doing one of her famous Thai prawn curries tonight.
      I hope it’s with her legendary Star Anise-flavoured basmati rice which is gorgeous.
      Other than that I couldn’t give a monkey’s about what happened in India a century ago.
      Or Ireland for that matter.
      Or indeed anywhere else.This obsession with history is mind-numbingly irrelevant.
      The future is where it’s at and mine is currently focused on a second jab and plotting our escape journey for the first beach vacation of the year.
      Really looking forward to the summer of ’21.

      1. Charlie

        Couldn’t “give a monkeys about what happened…anywhere else either”…but you’ll keep banging on about your pride in the occupation of former colonies when it suits your racist ass. Atta boy!

      2. Nilbert

        Here’s a more recent one for you then. An account of the British Gluags in Kenya during the 1950s, after the rest of the World had been horrified by of the concentration camps of the Nazis.

        Horrific, barbaric, depraved behavior, all in the name of keeping the Butcher’s Apron flying. That feigned sense of British exceptionalism is a very grubby mask these days, it hides very little.

      3. Papi

        God, charger, you’ve one selective memory, and not an ounce of shame about it. Lying comes easily to you and yours.

      4. Junkface

        It’s an interesting historical fact there. Horrendous stuff. I wouldn’t call history from 100 years ago irrelevant at all! We still have so much to learn from history, obviously, as so many are currently determined to repeat the mistakes of the past. If we don’t understand fully what has happened before, then we cannot improve.

  1. Liam Deliverance

    Udham Singh – Assassin of Michael O’Dwyer

    “I do not care about sentence of death. It means nothing at all. I do not care about dying or anything. I do not worry about it at all. I am dying for a purpose.’ Thumping the rail of the dock, he exclaimed, ‘We are suffering from the British Empire.’ Udham Singh continued more quietly. ‘I am not afraid to die. I am proud to die, to have to free my native land and I hope that when I am gone, I hope that in my place will come thousands of my countrymen to drive you dirty dogs out; to free my country.

    “I am standing before an English jury. I am in an English court. You people go to India and when you come back you are given a prize and put in the House of Commons. We come to England and we are sentenced to death.’

    “I never meant anything; but I will take it. I do not care anything about it, but when you dirty dogs come to India there comes a time when you will be cleaned out of India. All your British Imperialism will be smashed.’

    “Machine guns on the streets of India mow down thousands of poor women and children wherever your so-called flag of democracy and Christianity flies.’

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      He was 100% right.

      And Sir Michael O’Dwyer is most definitely a case of “being born in a barn doesn’t make one a horse”

  2. Shitferbrains

    Children in Midleton College are regularily encouraged to write essays around how different we all are now.

  3. gringo

    Sad thing about all of this is the brits are still at it, in the middle east. Killing arabs is all the rage these days and its spiffing good sport as well as being highly profitable.

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