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Robert Watt

This afternoon.


There must be a catch.

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“Who Took This Decision”


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7 thoughts on “Watt Generator

  1. GiggidyGoo

    He wrote the pay rise for the post himself, then took over the post. And what exactly does ‘waive’ for the moment mean. Does the €80k odd per annum be backdated to the date he waived it, once he decides it’s not to be waived anymore. Savings pot in other words?

    If the pay rise wasn’t appropriate, then shouldn’t the decision on it have been left until the economy ‘improved’.

    Usual smoke and mirror stuff.

    1. Anti Bots

      ah go on Bot. First in as per norm. Are you going to reply re the shinners and their social media. activities (paid be who)

  2. MoRhustyDilis

    Wiggling out for the moment to avoid the sh8t storm that it was causing. Like the sneaky little wiggly worm he is. Dirty dirty little self pleasuring worm.

  3. Otis Blue

    Surprise appointment that. Watt was already in situ, having being asked by Micheal Martin to take the role on an interim basis. Michael McGrath had argued that the salary of €292k was necessary to attract candidates of the the highest calibre. He did so citing the example of Paul Reid’s appointment as CEO of the the HSE!

    Irrespective of the waiver of 80k, it’s interesting that Watt’s current salary exceeds that of the Executive Director of the World Health Organisation.

    Here’s the back and forth on it…


  4. Liam Deliverance

    So 300k a year plus the rest and it appears from what I have heard he is not very good at anything? Great stuff. Has he anything to do with the vaccine rollout currently?

    Paul Reid, CEO of HSE is on E420K apparently, he must be very good at something, is he in charge of the vaccine rollout?

    No wonder these monkeys do whatever the government of the day say to do and citizens and/or health don’t even come in to it.

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