12 thoughts on “The Greening Of Boris

      1. goldenbrown

        ze mainland

        I was being sarcastic, cutting

        I agree btw
        I too woulda thought Ireland was “mainland” to us all, in the context of Broadsheet certainly. I would have been under the impression that contributions and commentary here should be expected to be within an Irish domain, focussed on matters of Irish context, relevance…as opposed to say a UK publication (mind you, certainly for one that isn’t it does seem to spend a helluva lot of time focussed on UK matters and with plenty of UK centric commentary though, doesn’t it?)

    1. paul

      it says more about the people that are okay with everything Boris does. Corruption, lies and cruelty suit the Conservative voter.

      1. goldenbrown


        Charger dreams he could take the place of the Starmer lad in the bottom right of that Jimllpaintit sketch

        he just knows he’d do a much better job

      2. Charger Salmons

        I think you’ll find that in the upcoming Hartlepool by-election and local government elections there’ll be a great many ex-Labour voters who like the cut of his jib too.
        Things have moved on a bit now old cock.

        1. Nilbert

          The Conservatives are very adept at micro managing the news cycle, and the gullible hordes will lap it up from the beer gardens no doubt.

          Luckily they put the kaibosh on their SUPER NEW WORLD BEATING NEWSROOM before pesky journalists had a chance to ask about spiralling poverty rates, starving children, countless Covid blunders, and wave after wave of sleaze.

          Still, he gave that blasted Euro Super League a jolly good biffing didn’t he!

          Not that Starmer provides much of a credible alternative… British politics is broken.

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