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  1. Unreal

    Happy VE Day next week
    Goodness me like Black Friday it’s here earlier every year
    Does anyone remember when the tabs used to be full of tits?

    1. Donald McCarthy

      The lack of tits is directly related to loss of bio-diversity caused by exponential climate collapse. My little orchard hosts blue/great/coal and long-tailed tits so I’m sorted for tits but I worry about you city folk.

  2. ian-oG

    Heart-breaking story about that young lad falling from a cliff. Only 22 and just getting going.


  3. millie bobby brownie

    Pity about Cartoon Saloon missing out on the Oscar again. Wolfwalkers is a gorgeous movie, and harks back to an older Disney style not seen from that company anymore. Its a pity they were overlooked again (though tbf Soul is a wonderful watch) because each movie they’ve produced is excellent in it’s own right and it would be lovely to see that acknowledged.

    1. Junkface

      I really thought Wolfwalkers would win something. Of course Soul by Pixar is probably amazing (haven’t seen it yet) but this exact thing happens every year. Pixar have 100+ times the budget of Cartoon Saloon. It’s not very fair really, and I think the unique style and stories of the Irish films genuinely broaden the minds of millions of people, creatively. Would it make much of a difference if Pixar did not win? Not really. They have a room full of oscars. The Oscars are not embracing the spirit of originality and alternative styles of creativity. It’s a pity.

        1. Tommy Bohan

          Would you mind your language a bit please. If someone relies on using swear or nasty words it just means they are inacapable of making their point. You’re a bit like Mrs Brown Boys where they depend on cursing and silly sexual remarks to get a laugh,

      1. Junkface

        @Otis Blue

        I’m not sure if a deleted comment made more sense here, but my point was basically that Pixar have a monopoly on the animation feature awards industry now. They are the most successful studio of all time. Cartoon Saloon have recently been making more unique looking films, different types of stories, with a fraction of the budget. So what if Apple just bought the film, as good as that is, it doesn’t change the main point. Wasn’t the point of the Oscars to champion new ideas, new styles? They are doing the opposite of that for years in animation.

        1. Charger Salmons

          But is it a new style ?
          The point I was making in the deleted post was the animated clip I saw looked suspiciously like the Pokémon animation series to me.
          I was genuinely unaware of how the company made its money which is why I asked the question.
          Good luck to them – they’re an Irish success story.

          1. Junkface

            Yes I think it is at least a more original style, if not new. Its a style inspired by Irish art history, which has developed into a new look. I don’t see an obvious comparison to Pokemon animation. That style of animation barely bothers to do the lip sync with any real accuracy. You could say that all animators over the last 30 years were inspired by Japanese animation to an extent, just like Disney’s classical animation style. The Pixar style/look is well established now, starting to look samey.

          2. millie bobby brownie

            I would recommend looking at the films yourself, Charger, instead of making an ill informed remark based on one clip you saw.

            The Secret of Kells, their first movie in their Irish trilogy, is incredibly stylised and is designed to be a nod to the book. There are also nods to Samurai Jack in the Viking scenes.

            Song of the Sea is my favourite, and the style of this film – while being recognisable as being by cartoon saloon – also received comparisons to Studio Ghibli.

            Wolfwalkers is the least stylised of the three movies in the trilogy and is definitely paying homage to the loose, sketchy style of 60’s Disney movies.

            Finally, the Breadwinner, which is magnificent and immediately recognisable as a Cartoon Saloon animation, was directed by Nora Twomey to great acclaim. I’d highly recommend this one.

            If you take the time to actually watch any or all of these movies, you’ll see that to compare them to pokemon is downright silly.

        2. Otis Blue


          My post was in response to Charger’s snide comment – since removed – about Cartoon Saloon. He asked how they make money. My post addressed that.

  4. Mr. T

    Finally the extent of our covid debt is starting to dawn on Ministers.

    The country with the strictest lockdown over the past year – we also have the title of most debt added (per capita) over the last year. Irish debt ppp is now ~€48k.

    McGrath warns of up to 12bn in cuts needed from our current covid budgeting between now and next year – expect these cuts to increase as our debt servicing costs go up and our economy fails to jump right back to 2019 levels (hmm, who wouldve thought?)

    And thats before looking at potential falls in corporation tax due to US taxes on foreign earnings (2-6bn drop in Irish revenue).

    Roaring twenties? I don’t think so

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