Deliveroo couriers are boycotting parts of Dublin

Via Wired:

The information allowed riders to pin and colour code “areas de risco” or “danger areas” on Google Maps.  Much of Dublin’s north east inner city, which includes communities like Summerhill, East Wall and Mountjoy Square and shopping and commercial districts like Henry Street or Talbot Street, are designated no-go zones. Deliveroo says that increased support for riders is under consideration and that it has been working with the Irish police.

Faced with assault, Deliveroo couriers are boycotting parts of Dublin (Wired)

Thanks Anton Chigurh

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14 thoughts on “Delivernoo

  1. Junkface

    I’ve never heard of any other cities were delivery riders are violently attacked. WTF? Towny kids are out of control, the Gards seem powerless.

    1. H

      It happens in London too, a couple have even been murdered for their bikes. I don’t know what is wrong with people….

  2. Paulo

    Not saying this is accurate, but I think there is a perception that some delivery riders may be carrying decent amounts of cash as they may be delivering certain other products other than takeaway food. This makes them a target in particular areas.

    1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      What ‘products’?
      Deliveroo could lose their licence if it’s banned substances you’re on about. Or have their reputation irreversibly damaged if you’re making it up!

      1. Paulo

        I didn’t blame anyone. But well done for jumping to a conclusion.

        It doesn’t (really) have anything to do with the delivery company – they are just a person on a bike i would have thought.

        1. Rob_G

          how is making the blanket claim that all delivery app riders are drug dealers not ‘blaming the victim’?

          1. Frank

            my neighbours from a south American country regularly rent out Deliveroo accounts on their social media feeds. so the real truth us that your drugs might not even be delivered by the account holder but rather an unvetted desperado. I’ve alerted the authorities they couldn’t care less. its a free market I suppose

          2. Paulo

            Since when is all = some??

            All I said was that there may be a possible reason why some absolute scum are going about doing this. You remember when cash in transit vans got targeted more than regular vans? Nobody was blaming the drivers of said vans for this, but it did explain why there were attempts to rob them more so than your local plumber in his van.

            Sad reflection on the city that there are “no go areas”.

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