Goodnight Arlene


This evening.

More as we get it.

Earlier: A Limerick A Day


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15 thoughts on “Goodnight Arlene

  1. RuilleBuille

    The irony of this is that the MPs in London demanded the hardest of Brexits which resulted in the protocol. And then they blame Arlene Kelly!

  2. scottser

    it was the ra the put a gun to her father’s head, her own did it to her.
    anyway, wait till old poots replaces her, you’ll be wishing she was still around.

    1. Anti Bots

      No the Ra shot her father. Her own didn’t kill her. Stabbed her politically, but she is still alive.

  3. D-troll

    with the cash for ash scandal and i cant think of anything she did well, even for her unionists. needs someone new with new ideas.

    1. dav

      they got rid of her because she’s not homophobic enough.. they are not looking for new ideas..

  4. Termagant

    The North could really use some strong leadership right now. The question is will they be getting the “strong hand on the rudder, let’s all sit down and get this mess sorted” brand of strong leadership or the “burn the dirty blaggards off rightful British clay and drive them into the sea” kind

  5. Unreal

    I liked him
    He was the most non political politician going
    They are getting rid of him because he’s a woman

  6. Scundered

    Nothing would ever have got sorted out with her and Michelle at each others throats, just cat fight after cat fight… Even McGuiness and Paisley were able to get along.

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