Nothing For The Weekend


This afternoon.

Dublin city centre.

The government is considering a late May reopening for personal services including hairdressers and barbers…


This evening.




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6 thoughts on “Nothing For The Weekend

  1. eoin

    Can we please start following the science that seems to be working out fine for Texas, Florida etc. instead of whatever science NPHET are following?

    1. dav

      that the science that says pregnant women are in danger sitting beside a person who’s been vaccinated? No thanks.

  2. Nigel

    Feck all that WHEN ARE THE LIBRARIES OPENING I NEED BOOKS. Borrowbox is great for audiobooks but I can’t stand e-books I need physical books you can carry under your arm hold over your head to keep the rain off use as a fan in hot weather stand on to reach a high shelf clobber a zombie with and occasionally read.

    1. Paulus

      …not to mention trapping biscuit crumbs and raising up the laptop for Zoom calls.
      (Yes, me to).

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