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  1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Arlene is gone. I hope that if the DUP decides to go more extreme, that more unionists would choose an alternative option.

    1. SB

      Yes, voters moving into the middle ground and educating their kids together is the way forward

    2. Junkface

      I heard that party members din’t like that she no longer supported gay conversion therapy on the radio, and spat out some coffee! Is this true? They practice this nonsense? I would expect that in Alabama or whatever. Jaysus.

      1. Donald McCarthy

        My wildly successful string of gay conversion clinics ended tragically with my being the only straight in the the village and having to lead and be the sole participant in the first Straight Pride Parade held west of the Shannon in over fifty years. It was a happy and glorious event, marred only by an outbreak of heterophobia as newly minted gays of both sexes lined the streets to pelt me with turnips and cabbages, some of which weren’t even rotten.

      1. dav

        I’d say he’ll trump it out, it won’t matter what lies he tells it’ll be all about the brexiteer voter support for him which is still strong.

        1. scottser

          most tory voters don’t give a monkeys about the lies, backside covering or the bluster – what they won’t like is the snobbery. it’s the sheer disdain for the taxpayer displayed by johnson that will rankle among working class voters, particularly those who can only aspire to own the furnishings that symonds is ripping out and dumping.
          still though, it’s only tans doing tan stuff – leave them at it.

      2. scottser

        ‘you wouldn’t want the person who picks your furnishings to be the same one who enjoys seeing boris johnson naked.’

  2. Birdie

    Edwin Poots seems like a villain from a fairytale. Doesn’t believe in dinosaurs, same sex marriage or same sex couples adopting… that’s only the highlights of his beliefs.

    It just seems like the land that time forgot in pockets of norn iron. Bleak.

    1. Unreal

      He’s going to fit right in here in Broadsheet

      Poots is a young earth creationist and rejects the theory of evolution.[11] In an interview with BBC presenter William Crawley, when asked how old the Earth was, Poots replied: “My view on the earth is that it’s a young earth. My view is 4,000 BC”. Young earth creationism is accepted by the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, of which Poots is a member, and other conservative evangelicals in Northern Ireland.[12] In a 2012 Belfast Telegraph article, which discussed lobbying by the creationist bible group the Caleb Foundation, Poots reportedly stated that, while not a member of the group, “Some of my views coincide with the Caleb Foundation”.[13]

      Poots caused controversy by banning blood donations from gay people, saying “I think that people who engage in high-risk sexual behaviour in general should be excluded from giving blood.” He defined risky behaviour as “someone who has sex with somebody in Africa or sex with prostitutes”.[14]

      In September 2013, as Health Minister for Northern Ireland, he fought the ruling that would bring laws around LGBT adoption in Northern Ireland into line with other parts of the United Kingdom.[15]

      In January 2016, Poots was criticised by some for saying that the newly elected First Minister, Arlene Foster’s, most important job was as a “wife, mother and daughter”.[16] Poots defended himself saying it was not sexist and that he considered his most important job to be that of a “husband, father and son”.[17][18]

        1. goldenbrown

          ah sure the intersection between religion and politics is alive and well down here too (it’s just more private and subtle than evangelical loony’s like Poots)

          I for one hope he gets the airtime for his bonkers beliefs and ideas…that way, norniron just might have a shot at breaking free from the shackles of the current “power sharing” pair of dangerous bickering unrepresentative dinosaurs and on to more progressive stuff. I have high hopes the next vote will finally break the duopoly, let’s see

          1. scottser

            yeh, you would hope that if they elect a fundamentalist leader like poots then it would alienate the middle ground support that the likes of peter robinson attracted. it’ll get worse before it gets better – it’s going to make for an interesting marching season.

      1. Fergalito

        Intelligence and tolerance no obstacle to a career as a politician so but sure that’s hardly news I suppose. I think the DUP is a sinking ship, the barnacled remnants of it have only one way to go and that’s creaking slowly towards the ocean floor. It would take a radical change in outlook – a Damascene conversion almost – for the DUP to have any chance of resurrecting itself in the eyes of voters. The old school “fleg” fixated thugs aside, most rational sane people either side of the political spectrum just want to get on with their lives.

      2. Junkface

        Poots rejects the theory of evolution? He might be a sample case for human devolution by the sounds of it. Scientists should study him.

        1. Janet, chatty mammy

          all I can say is that if humans are made in God’s image ..well he’s got to be a bit of an aggressive, self serving, twisted man stick..
          good morning ;)

        2. Micko

          I have family members who are evangelical Christians.

          It’s a bit mad. We don’t really talk about it much anymore, but every once in a while they will say something really whacky.

          I usually just end up saying “well, you know what I think about the whole God thing”.

          Usually ends the discussion ;) My family members are pretty chill about it. They don’t ram it down anyone’s throat.

          This new wave of evangelical leaders are a different type though. I’ve heard a few of my family members talk about them (in a positive way). They are really co-opting semi-scientific ideas and twisting them to fit their needs. Not good.

          Point is, these evangelical leaders are really actively going on recruitment drives. Expect to see more of this stuff popping up.

          1. goldenbrown

            I’ve witnessed this thing first hand myself….that new wave you speak of? is a rapid growth industry from what I can see I reckon they’ve dived right into a void left by the previous well known occupants of dogma and it’s happening silently and rapidly

            (personally I dunno what it is with some people who feel the need to have some higher power belief system and mandated set of rules to follow, in my own head I can correlate everything I’ve ever seen in that field to various episodes of Fr Ted and I just laugh away to myself and shake my head..but I leave it like that I’ve never had the compulsion to go off and find alternatives or solutions in the first place (to a problem that doesn’t exist lol)…I’m a total when you’re alive you’re alive and when you’re dead you’re dead type…)

            but I 100% detect a void being filled for disgruntled and disappointed Catholic parishoners by the likes of “Hillsong” and “Alpha” and other such culty Zoom-enabled stuff….

            food for thought given our dreadful history of politics + religion being joined at the hip

    2. Cian

      If you are the sort of person that really wants a United Ireland just remember that people like Poots will end up as TDs.

      (based on current trends) the DUP would end up with 25 TDs making them the 3rd/4th largest party.

      1. scottser

        northern ireland is way over-represented compared to here. 90 seats for 1.8m people means an mla represents 20,000 constituents. down here, our 160 idiots represent around 30,000 each. you also have to factor in that their first past the post system is a winner takes all, whereas ours forces a consensus.

        1. Cian

          I was basing the numbers on the two populations, and increasing the Dail numbers. Not MLAs.
          Yes, the first-past-the-post could change the numbers – but if there was a United Ireland it should be a mix of the two – not the 6 counties falling in line with the 26; perhaps we’d all get first-past-the-post :-)

          1. scottser

            as much as we moan about not being able to form a majority government here with pr-stv, in the case of a united ireland i don’t think any other system would work.

      2. Junkface

        God No!! I do not want a united Ireland with those lunatics! It’s so tribal up there (and a bit backwards scientifically). Grandparents teaching their grandchildren how to hate the other religious tribes. Unemployment is much higher there too, education standards are different, work ethic is different, they would just drag Ireland down. They would only be ready for a united Ireland when the different tribes can live in each others neighbourhoods without violence. Like protestants and catholics do in the republic. So maybe the 23rd Century?

        1. scottser

          they’d be an insignificant minority; more likely to abstain from taking their seats.
          it’s far better that a united ireland happens sooner rather than later, i reckon. the north as a political entity looks done. the tans don’t care about it and it can’t survive on its own. the dup were even kingmakers a few years ago and still managed to grab defeat from the jaws of victory.
          we might go around the roads a few times, but we’ll end up in the same place – a united ireland is the only logical conclusion to this mess.

          1. Junkface

            Britain doesn’t want them. They have been a massive drain on finances for decades. Have ever seen the numbers? I did a while ago, maybe due an update but Ireland would head straight into the red if it was united. Look at the recent riots, all from an age group born after the peace deal, proving they are not ready to stop hating. It’s an admirable goal to reunite, but we don’t want to destroy 2 countries in the effort. Keep it realistic.

  3. Donald McCarthy

    The melting glaciers of today pose a greater threat than the burning forests of yesterday. By strenuously planting trees we can ensure that future fires will always be fuelled but it seems difficult to regrow glaciers although I myself have managed perfectly well without glaciers so they may be over-rated.

    1. Junkface

      True. We must also consider that most of the oxygen created for us to breathe is created under the sea. Sea plants and organisms like phytoplankton, kelp, and algal plankton. Over fishing and coral bleaching are all having a negative effect. The EU needs to ban fishing and commercial activity in alternative regions of our oceans to let sea life come back to full health. They banned seas fishing off the coast of Alaska for 7 years a while back and lots of species of fish reemerged in healthy numbers.


  4. johnny

    hurt people,hurt people.

    how it started.

    how it’s going.

    -You and I have been made fun of on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ this is nothing — that’s nothing compared to this(:


    talented golfer,old man was a new york player,for reals,should be making bank at blackrock/blackstone,people describe him as damaged,no way:)

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