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The Elements – (V).I.N.Y.L

“This is not a song; it’s a prophecy.”

Feeling nostalgic for 1990s-style rap-metal?

Then you’re in for a treat: Dublin hip-hop blasters The Elements rage against the machine with their new single which features the crew NdLZ (Neill Whelan), Ricki and Adam and guest Harry Phipps on turntables.

Listen closely for a Status Quo sample!

The video was directed by Colin Fleming.

Nick says: The Vinyl solution.

The Elements

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8 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Rebellious Jukebox yeah

    No sense of humour?
    No self awareness?
    No self esteem?

    Welcome to Broadsheet.
    You belong here.

    1. Rebellious Jukebox yeah

      I’m not mad.
      They are!

      I posted my appreciation of this song THREE times already. I’m not a member of the band but every time it got deleted.

      The moral of this story is etc, etc…
      …and NEVER give up!

    1. paddy apathy

      Maybe like, man, you’re the cliché?
      Fair play to these lads.
      Making music, making rhymes, putting it out there.

  2. missred

    I like it, it’s a refreshing retro burst of energy, a real earnest quality about it. Is the fella on the right a ginger? Tenfold in my estimation if so!

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