20 thoughts on “Saturday’s Papers

  1. Cú Chulainn

    In fairness to The Star they haven’t had a chance to get the psycho gulls back.. there is enough psycho/lunatic politicians to deal with.. that said.. I do miss them..

    1. ce

      Don’t worry – Bank Holiday weekend with people returning to the outside with excess chips and ice cream…. Gulls will be back to the Star next week

    1. Micko

      “So two fully vaccinated households can meet up, if it’s a Monday and not raining, but the same household can meet up with one unvaccinated person if it’s a sunny day or Wednesday. Provided it’s after 4pm and one of the household is wearing a red jumper and one of the parties middle name is Frank or Maureen, with the exception of course of anyone born after 1982. Those people must wait for the Moderna vaccine to kick in, which should take 2 weeks after your first jab, but only if you received it in your left arm on a weekday. Anyone who received the first moderna vaccine in their left arm, must get the Pfizer vaccine as their second jab – in their right arm only.

      Now, I hope that’s clear…you might need to watch this video back a few times”

      1. U N M U T U A L

        Don’t know about you but, i’m keeping my fingers crossed for June 31st…!:-)

  2. Steph Pinker

    Willie Mullins is one of the top 5 champion horse trainers in the world for hunt and flat; for a small island such as ours, it’s an amazing achievement.

    1. Unreal

      Do you favour the abuse the animals receive in the racing world Steph? (Serious question)

      Nice land rover by the way

    2. Charlie

      Amazing trainer. His horses are looked after better than most humans. A credit to the nation.

  3. Donald McCarthy

    Soon, those who continue to fight losing battles will be called war criminals, not battle heroes. It’s a human thing, sadly, this doing really stupid things and then trying to fix them by doing other, more stupid things.This planet is dying like an old granny and no fancy operation, no realignment of her chakras, no family sing-song, no nocturnal novenas, is going to alter the entirely predictable outcome. We need to be buying black suits, not burning them. Oh, and happy Mayday to all you lovely broad and bull sheeters.

  4. Gabby

    Night clubs with booze and additional treats; expensively priced rock concerts in sports stadia; suntans and all-night raves on Southern Europe beaches – normal creative living looms on the horizon. We haven’t beein living during the long lockdown, have we?

  5. millie bobby brownie

    It’s a beautiful day out there folks. Hope everyone enjoys it and manages to soak up a bit of sun and good humour.

    I’m off to get a 99. So there now.

  6. Lilly

    Finding it difficult to sympathise with Alan Shatter and his woe-is-me piece in today’s Irish Times. Does he take a second to ponder what life must have been like for Maurice McCabe? No, he does not.

    1. Paulus

      I was expecting a more wide-ranging interview…it was almost entirely on one topic. I doubt if empathy is his strong point.

      1. Lilly

        Also, on the anti-semitism, I’ll take his word for it, but really I think he just rubs people up the wrong way. I know someone who had dealings with him way back, pre-politics, who wouldn’t give a fiddle about his Jewishness, and let’s just say, his praises were not being sung.

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