Darragh O’Brien, Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage arriving for a cabinet meeting at Dublin Castle earlier

This afternoon.

Dublin Castle,  Dublin 2.

Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien has said legislation on affordable housing, which is being brought to the Cabinet, will deliver up to 6,000 affordable homes on State lands within four years.

The Affordable Housing Bill will provide for the direct building of affordable homes by the State.

It also includes plans for a cost rental scheme and a new shared equity scheme.

The legislation will require 10% of social homes and 10% of affordable homes in housing developments in every local authority area.

6,000 homes planned under affordable housing legislation (RTÉ)


Social Democrat TDs Holly Cairns and Cian O’Callaghan addressing media on the Plinth outside Leinster House in Dublin earlier

This afternoon.

Leinster House, Dublin 2.

Social Democrats Housing Spokesperson Cian O’Callaghan said,

“The ‘shared equity’ scheme will drive up house prices. It happened when the scheme was introduced in England and it will happen here. It is more of the same, failed, developer-led policy making that characterised the Celtic Tiger era. We need an urgent change of direction.

“The Central Bank, the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform and ERSI have raised serious red flags about the ‘shared equity’ proposals. You have to ask why is the Minister for Housing not listening to their expert advice? We know big developers have been lobbying heavily for this scheme. Are they the only ones who have his ear?

Last week in one day, in one town, one vulture fund bought up three times more houses than the government’s affordable scheme is going to deliver this year – across the entire country.

“The scale of the government’s effort, and ambition, is tiny. If we want genuinely affordable homes, the State must directly build thousands of them and sell or rent them at cost.”



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13 thoughts on “‘Developer-Led’

  1. Johnny

    close 10% required annually,its a national crisis way more threatening to the long term health Ireland Inc than covid,throw the proverbial kitchen sink at it.
    NY is to all intents and purposes fully open and people are out their minds:)

  2. goldenbrown

    Darragh O’Brien trying to solve the problem of affordable housing…yeah right

    you and your party will cease to exist come next GE you complete and utter SPOOFER

  3. Andrew

    FF and FG don’t get it. They will both be out of business after the next election. Are they really so short-sighted ?
    pricing people out of and driving up prices of property is so damaging and sucks money out of economy in to unproductive assets. It’s daft

  4. Dr.Fart

    to the people saying FF/FG are toast after the next GE: May I remind you that FF completely destroyed the country when last in power, and remained out of power for .. the grand sum of ONE electoral cycle. Then rejoined power by sharing with FG. ONE term out of office. For completely destroying the nation. This is why these parties carry on without change, because they know they’ll still be voted in. Also knowing that their main opposition (SF) won’t even enter enough candidates to take power if they wanted to. We are politically doomed until the youngsters coming up, get their shot at it. Our last bastion of hope.

    1. Andrew

      FF/FG share of the vote is diminishing at each election. Combined they can’t manage 50 percent of the vote. This decline will continue at the next election and SF will run more candidates.
      The parents of children who cannot buy a home can now see the writing on the wall.

    1. delacaravanio

      One is social housing. The new scheme appears to be designed to assist developers by pushing up all prices.

      Shared equity scheme is open to anyone who can afford a home up to the price cap in that area (for example, Dublin will probably be around €400k but somewhere like Sligo or Kerry will be €250k). Shared ownership scheme was restricted to people with incomes below €40k already on housing list.

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        That’s the qualifying criteria

        what about the actual agreement and contract
        how it rolls out

        in the early almost pre- Tiger days shared ownership was sold as a starter for buyers who would then seek mortgage from a Retail Bank/ Building Society once there were a few years into it

        any idea if the actual scheme itself is any different once you’re in it

        1. V AKA Frilly Keane

          I’m only asking because I have dealt with these shared ownership mortgages

          And even the Local Authorities will tell ye they.are bad mortgages
          They were never intended to be long term financing
          And were never created with a reasonable enforcement process

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