6 thoughts on “TB Or Not TB?

  1. Joe

    If that photo was taken today I would expect there would be protesters outside of the public health mobile unit, dragging their knuckles along the pavement sullying the Irish tricolour by wearing it on their bodies and roaring “Freedumb” .
    They would be accompanied by others with mis-spelt placards denying TB exists “Its only a cold”.
    The rest of them would be refusing the PCR test of that time X-Rays
    They would refuse to obey the anti TB signs on the CIE bus that warned against spitting on the bus or be fined.
    The same people would deny their children a BCG vaccine that conquered TB.

    1. K. Cavan

      Joe, the EU need to get involved here, you’re single-handedly creating a Strawman Mountain that makes the old CAP Butter & Beef Mountains look like mole-hills. Surely there has to be a few Euro lying around they can throw at you to make you stop?

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