Nor The Years Condemn


From top: The Argyll and Sutherland Regiment in Richmond Barracks; Eamon Delaney (right) with veterans at Islandbridge, Dublin in 1995

The Lion and the Shamrock.

A project devoted to the British Army’s legacy in Ireland with talks, tours, an online photographic archive as well as personal histories, many with the descendants of those who served in the two World Wars.

Created by Eamon Delaney, author, broadcaster and former diplomat,  who writes:

There does seem to be a tremendous, almost obsessive, focus on the events of 1916-21. By contrast, the legacy that I am exploring remains relatively undeveloped, or so I am finding, and people tell me.

World War One, in particular, is a huge experience which both communities shared in, but which I don’t believe cooperate on as much as they could.

When I set out, I hadn’t really planned on such a reconciliation ‘political’ role for the project but many people have encouraged me.

The plan is to cooperate, through public events (or virtually, these days) at which the descendants of WW1 veterans, and others, could share their experiences and those of their forbears. North and South.


The Lion and the Shamrock

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8 thoughts on “Nor The Years Condemn

  1. Spot of Bodge

    Is this the same Eamon Delaney, founder of the right-wing think tank, Hibernian Forum, which Bodger tried to soften to “free market think tank”, and now doesn’t refer to it at all, in his introductions? If so, nah, you’re grand.

    1. scottser

      i will only soften my stance when i see some amusing games and memes taking the p1ss, a la bailey, delany et al.

  2. Liam

    I remember when Delaney was writing furiously in support of the invasion of Iraq. That went well, didn’t it?

  3. paddy apathy

    Once the veterans have died off and their children have grown old, the appetite for commemorations dwindles and no one really cares. Unless it’s a useful political tool of course.

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