Harry Warren writes:

In light of all the puff pieces promoting the reopening of retail click “n” collect today in various media outlets (‘nuff said!) Above is a busy day on Grafton Street around lunch time highlighting the reality…

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12 thoughts on “Staying Closed

  1. Harry

    Hi Janet, never mind Grafton St, the amount of closed down retail outlets around town is frightening.

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      what I saw just on the drives in and out of the hospital was just depressing, very unloved looking

  2. Jimbo

    Thanks for this
    The media driven ‘Post Pandemic’ toxic positivity has me depressed beyond belief.
    Good to see someone publish some reality.

    1. Dr.Fart

      I couldn’t get over the news this evening.. fully acting like the pandemic is over and Ireland is open. Showing people meeting up after being apart.. only none of them were old enough to possibly have been vaccinated. The situation has not changed.

  3. Bitnboxy

    Worldwide phenomenon accelerated by the pandemic. Look at the UK and the disappearing department stores. Only the cheap as chips and the very high-end are predicted to survive. The high street is going to change – it was always going to happen. Shops will become showrooms with most ordering and purchasing taking place online. Some cities are already trying to reimagine their main commercial streets (Paris a good example) – still at quite a conceptual level but most acknowledge inevitable change.

  4. Optimus Grime

    Friend of mine up the north said as it was getting back to normal, loads of shops had closed permanently and people were only beginning to grasp it

  5. Nigel

    Looks like another golden opportunity to Overthrow Capitalism, since we didn’t manage it last economic crash.

    1. paddy apathy

      Well, if we miss our chance this time we can always try again after getting intoxicated from the subsequent boom, and hungover from the next global economic bust, and so on and so on until the planet irreparably fupped.

  6. George

    Grafton street is full of international chains with big money. They obviously don’t want to keep paying massive rents and rates and other costs on premises in Grafton Street for 18months or more with little income. No doubt many small businesses may not reopen but these aren’t small businesses that have gone under when there’s money to be made again Grafton street will find plenty of wealthy international tenants again.

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