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Dawson Street, Dublin

Cycling enthusiast Dublin Pedaller has thought of ways in which new bike parking spaces can be provided near Grafton Street in Dublin 2.

They’ve tweeted…


This afternoon.

Grafton Street, Dublin 2.

Sauvingon Blanc writes:

The song says “ Grafton Street’s a wonderland ..there’s magic in the air”. Sadly the magic has disappeared, and has been replaced with a thick coating of dirt and grime.

What are Dublin City Council doing about it ? Absolutely nothing. Have they even got a machine for cleaning streets?

It’s the height of the tourist season ..10,000 people an hour walk down Grafton Street. Heads should roll because of the inaction of the Council. Please write to them at customerservices@dublincity.ie

You may remember this chilly scene (top)?

Why is he in his togs on Grafton Street?

Many mused.

Turns out it was a timelapse promo video for Love In The Wild, a new play starring shivering Anto Seery at the Axis theatre, Ballymun [Dublin 11] in March (dates and tickets here.

The play by Lisa Walsh and directed by Peter Sheridan centres around Ger Duffy (Anto), who:

…mostly dreams about Grainne McManus. There is a hole in his heart from the day she disappeared out of his life. That was five years ago, when they were lovers and addicts together.

One day, Grainne’s Da turns up at Ger’s hall door in Ballymun. Ger assumes that she’s dead; that she has become another statistic to heroin. But the news is different and lights the flame of hope in Ger’s heart…


Love In The Wild

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