Marley Park


Free this evening?


In The People’s Park, Tullamore, county Offaly.

Johnny ‘Reggae’ Keenan (top left), a familiar face to viewers of Broadsheet on the Telly,  writes:

I’m doing my skankin’ Social Dis-Dancin’ today. Celebrating for 71 minutes the music and message of Bob Marley, in a public display of affection. To celebrate his 36 Years as a ‘Soul Rebel’ and to commemorate 40 Years as a ‘Legend’. I will play all the Bob classics (real classics for the real fans) from a speaker at the bottom of the People’s Park in town.

Bring your positive vibes and let’s get together!


Bring skins.

Bob Marley: 40th anniversary of the music pioneer’s death (BBC)

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11 thoughts on “Marley Park

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    A timely reminder for everyone to keep an eye out on unusual moles or markings on your body. Marley unfortunately died so young from cancer that started as a melanoma on his toe.

    Check yourself in his honour.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        I suppose we expect cancer to be lumps, not “odd looking freckles” or moles. I had one removed and didn’t need follow up treatment on it, but waiting for the results was horrible. I only noticed it by chance, but now I check every month (don’t check too often or you won’t notice the change) and slap on the factor 50.

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